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Research Highlights

As an international research university, HKUST has clear positioning as a focused elite research and education institution with an international outlook, emphasizing interdisciplinary studies, entrepreneurial spirit and innovation, The University's achievements in research facilitate the transformation of discoveries into sustainable solutions.

In 2016-17, 39 environment-related research projects were conducted at HKUST gaining over HK$38 million in funding. The scope of these projects covered a wide range of environmental issues including  wastewater treatment, marine pollution, climate change study, air quality and others.


Sustainability Projects Start Date from 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017

Project Title Faculty Unit
Research on scale-up production of antimicrobial gel for malodor treatment YEUNG, King Lun CBME
A highly efficient microfluidic PM2.5 removal device with staggered herringbone micromixers WU, Hongkai CHEM
Molecular Composition Study of Atmospheric Aerosols using Ultra-high Resolution Mass Spectrometry YU, Jianzhen CHEM
Development of novel monodispersed Fe3O4-based magnetic sorbents with strong selectivity for effective phosphate removal and recovery from natural water and treated sewage effluent LO, Irene M C CIVL
以污泥减量为目标的新型硫循环污水生物理论体系与工艺技术研究 CHEN, Guanghao CIVL
Production and Analysis of fine-scale climate scenarios over the CORDEX South-East Asia domain IM, Eun Soon CIVL
Prediction and Assessment of River Flow and Water Quality in a Changing Environment: A Pilot Study for the Yangtze River LU, Mengqian CIVL
Spreading and mixing of discharges flowing into water bodies. Development and validation of a reduced-order model BLANCKAERT, Koen CIVL
Development and application of highly efficient bismuth oxyhalide-based visible-light-driven magnetic photocatalysts for PPCP removal from sewage LO, Irene M C CIVL
Environmental Behaviors of Arsenic-loaded Zero-Valent Iron Nanoparticles in Subsurface Systems LO, Irene M C CIVL
Enhanced Separation and Sludge Refinery for Wastewater Treatment - Solving the Nexus of Pollution Control and Resource Recovery in Mega Cities LO, Irene M C CIVL
Enhanced Separation and Sludge Refinery for Wastewater Treatment - Solving the Nexus of Pollution Control and Resource Recovery in Mega Cities ZHANG, Xiangru CIVL
Numerical modeling study of South China Sea circulation response to the inflow/outflow forcing from adjacent seas GAN, Jianping ENVR
A peek into the future - A numerical study on the interaction between dust cycles and East Asia's climate from 2011 to 2060 FUNG, Jimmy C H ENVR
Thermal Desorption Aerosol Gas Chromatograph and Time of Flight Aerosol Mass Spectrometer for research on airborne particles and their impact on health and the environment YU, Jianzhen ENVR
A biological approach to the H2S malodor problem HAN, Wei ENVR
Key Technologies for Low Temperature Catalytic Degradation of Formaldehyde and BTX-type Volatile Organic Compounds YEUNG, King Lun ENVR
Energy behavior patterns in Hong Kong: The role of bounded rationality and peer pressure in air conditioner use BAARK, Erik ENVR
基于生物硫循环的线路板废水重金属回收及其脱氮除磷工艺研究 WEI, Li FYTRI
智能化节能型污泥分区干化设备关键技术的研发及应用示范 YAO, Shuhuai FYTRI
利用酵母-微藻共培养系统处理水禽养殖废水及资源化利用示范 HAO, Tianwei FYTRI
Sulfur-assisted electron transfer principle-based new wastewater treatment method and process CHEN, Guanghao FYTRI
Personalised real-time air quality informatics system for exposure - Hong Kong (PRAISE-HK) LAU, Alexis K H IENV
Accumulation and Toxicity of Metals in Hong Kong Oysters under Intermittent Exposure and Turbid Estuarine Environments WANG, Wenxiong LIFS
Climate Change and Marine Ecosystems LIU, Hongbin LIFS
Microbial Food web Dynamics in Hypoxic Coastal Waters: Effects of Hypoxia on Biodiversity, Ecological function and Physiological Condition of Protistan Grazers LIU, Hongbin LIFS
Stress resistance genes as the new engineering target for environmental control of airborne bacteria CHAO, Christopher Y H MAE
Diagnosis and prognosis of intensifying eutrophication, hypoxia and the ecosystem consequences around Hong Kong waters: coupled physical-biogeochemical-pollution studies GAN, Jianping MATH
As the Water Flows: the Effect of Water Pollution on Infant Mortality in China HE, Guojun SOSC
Metal accumulation of different shellfish species in the Shenzhen coast LU, Guangyuan SRI
Mercury contamination in cultured marine fish from Shenzhen coast: metal accumulation and risk assessment WANG, Wenxiong SRI
Ecological effects of heavy metal contamination on oysters in the Shenzhen coast WENG, Nanyan SRI
Applied environmental nanotechnology workshop LO, Irene M C CIVL
Highly Selective Magnetic Nanoparticles for Phosphate Removal and Recovery from Water and Wastewater LO, Irene M C CIVL
Postgraduate Student Seminar on Materials and Environmental Science & Engineering HAN, Wei ENVR
The 1st symposium on ocean circulation, ecosystem and hypoxia around Hong Kong waters (OCEAN-HK) GAN, Jianping MATH