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Printer Paper

Compared to the previous year, the amount of paper consumed for printing on campus has remained at a similar level. The total amount of paper consumed in the previous academic year was 38,880 reams, a 1.1% decrease in comparison to the consumed amount in the year before, which was 39,320 reams. The most notable decreases in printing paper use were in November, with 460 fewer reams used than in the same month of the previous academic year, and the period from July to September, with reductions ranging from 200 to 300 reams per month. Meanwhile, the use of recycled paper remains at 19.3%. Some departments are performing exceptionally well in this respect, as they only use recycled paper for printing. However, most departments have yet to use recycled paper. While it is good news that the paper consumption on campus has not increased, we must continue to work on reducing paper use for printing, and increasing the proportion of recycled paper used in place of new paper.