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2014.07.23 HKUST Engineering Team Invents Cheaper, Lighter and Stronger Aluminium Composite for Wide Applications

HKUST research team discovered a new aluminium composite that can be used to produce a building envelope system that is safer, cheaper, more energy-efficient and easier to mount.

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2014.06.25 Glass Container Recycling Program

We are pleased to announce that Glass Recycling is now available.

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2014.06.6 Learning by Creating: New HKUST Sustainability App

We live in a time of smartphones and apps. So why not make one to promote HKUST Sustainability?

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2014.06.3 Sharing is Caring!

The student-initiated Ride Sharing Program in addition to the existing program allows HKUST staff, professors and residential drivers to offer free rides to students when they leave campus.

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2014.06.3 2.5 Tons - The Food We Waste

Roughly 83% of all the trash coming from the canteens is food waste, either from the kitchens, or from table scraps left over and tossed after meals.

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2014.05.28 Dealing with Air Quality in a Natural Way

Since we spend most of our time indoors – either here on campus or at home – it is important to think about ways we can do to improve the air for ourselves and our colleagues.

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2014.03.27 From Paperless to Global Warming Simulation

20 eco-reps of the Sustainable Campus Leadership Program have been hard at work to develop their own unique green campus projects that will help transform HKUST into a more sustainable community.

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2014.03.25 And The Green Societies Promotion Award Goes To…

Participation by student societies helped prevent 400kg of materials from going to the landfills, and one society topped them all with its greenest big decoration.

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