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2015.02.25 Guardian of Life and Property

The work of the security staff is more than most of us imagine. Every minute they protect our lives and property on campus, silently and competently.

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2015.02.2 Best Friend of Plants

Who doesn’t love trees and plants? Not only do they provide us oxygen and improved air quality, plants also supply food, habitats for species and essential resources. We can relieve stress in the greening and resting areas on campus.

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2015.01.22 Greening Our Environment

Prof Melody Leung took on as a challenge for her Plant Biology Laboratory students and invited them to propose a redesign of the lawn area outside the Lee Shau Kee Business Building.

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2015.01.1 Social Psychology x Food Waste Reduction

Students were challenged to use their understanding of social psychology to develop solutions to one of the real and pressing problems on campus – the waste of food from the canteens.

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2014.10.31 Make a World of Difference - Sharing Talk by Chung To

HKUST Net Impact Club hosted Mr Chung To, Founder and Chairman of Chi Heng Foundation, to come to our campus and share his life journey from a Wall Street investment banker to a social activist helping China’s HIV/AIDS orphans.

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2014.10.14 What Makes Our Students Recycle?

What drives behavior? It is a big question, but important to understand if we are to be successful in building a sustainable campus.

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2014.10.13 Announcing the Green Caterer Award Winners - Stories Behind Your Plate

The HKUST Sustainability Unit and Campus Service Office co-organized the first Green Caterer Awards to recognize caterers’ efforts in adopting and promoting sustainable operations and practices.

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2014.10.12 Meet the New Eco-Reps

For the second year, the Sustainability Unit has selected 20 students through the Sustainable Campus Leadership Program where the students will undertake hands-on green campus projects that improve the sustainable performance of our campus.

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