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2015.06.3 Can Psychology Promote Pro-environmental Behavior?

Can psychological interventions be applied to change people’s behavior? In last spring semester, the Sustainability Unit worked with Social Science faculty through a pioneer psychology course to find out more.

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2015.05.19 Let’s welcome Woody, Sunny and Aqua to join UST family

Thank you for all your support on naming the recycling bins smiley faces. We received around 50 suggested names from our students and staff and were impressed by their creativity and positive message to be conveyed.

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2015.04.13 Sharing the Joy of Food

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien

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2015.04.13 Inside the Secret Garden of Books

Like a secret garden of books, the library is where students cultivate their own growing tree of discovery. Mr Dick Lau and Ms Rowena Chick shared their stories within the maze-like storage area stacked with journals and books.

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2015.03.18 Creating a Healthy and Safe Community

There are teams of professionals and dedicated staff from the Health, Safety and Environment Office who work hard everyday to ensure a clean and safe environment is enjoyed by all.

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2015.03.16 Sweat Behind Cool Air

The more energy we use, the more the University pays, and the more damage from pollution resource depletion we create. Fortunately we have dedicated professionals working to reduce energy as much as possible.

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2015.03.13 Rise of Electric Cars in Hong Kong

In recent years, the Government of HKSAR has prominently promoted electric vehicles (EV) to help improve roadside air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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2015.02.27 Naming Competition- Smiley Faces Recycling Bins

When you came back to campus for the new semester, did you notice that our 3-color recycling bins have a fresh new look?

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