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2015.11.24 Design Thinking Workshop - How can Hong Kong become a model green city?

Two-dozen university students from across Hong Kong were selected to attend a two-day Design Thinking Workshop - How can Hong Kong become a model green city?

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2015.10.8 Discovering Sustainability

Being sustainable is an art form in itself. It needs passion, dedication and creativity. It also needs people who nurture it and help it grow. Let’s hear from the Art Club and EVSS about their thoughts on sustainability.

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2015.10.8 Autumn –Season of Harvest and Cultivation

As a new group that engages HKUST students, staff and faculty with closer connection with nature, the HKUST Gardening Club is connecting members – now around a hundred of them – to enjoy gardening and beautify our campus.

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2015.10.6 Eco-Reps- Giving a Sustainable Gift to UST

A new group of 20 Eco-Reps is thinking about giving gifts to UST as their personal contributions towards building a more sustainable campus.

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2015.09.7 Greening the O’ Camps!

“Welcome to UST - Growing a Vibrant Community Together!”

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2015.06.23 Planting HKUST’s First Orchard

What’s better than building an orchard to get fresh fruits and enjoying the fun of gardening within the touch of nature?

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2015.06.5 Finding Green at your Fingertips

When it comes to recycling, convenience is key to promoting positive behaviors. One way to support recycling habits is to share information of the closest facilities.

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2015.06.3 Can Psychology Promote Pro-environmental Behavior?

Can psychological interventions be applied to change people’s behavior? In last spring semester, the Sustainability Unit worked with Social Science faculty through a pioneer psychology course to find out more.

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