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2016.01.12 Green Trekkers Finding New Home for Hall Residents’ Items

The new Green Trekkers program redesigned the “Give and Take Campaign” to minimize the amount of waste and facilitate the exchange of items.

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2016.01.12 Going Paperless

In celebration of HKUST’s 25th anniversary, our goal is to reduce paper by 25% over last year’s levels.

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2015.12.8 HKUST Secret Garden

A group of Eco-Reps students from the Sustainable Campus Leadership Program spent the last year in creating this space for students to get closer to nature.

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2015.12.7 SENG Inter-departmental Paper Reduction Challenge

The Sustainability Unit has organized the inter-departmental paper reduction challenge for the departments of School of Engineering in fall semester.

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2015.11.24 Design Thinking Workshop - How can Hong Kong become a model green city?

Two-dozen university students from across Hong Kong were selected to attend a two-day Design Thinking Workshop - How can Hong Kong become a model green city?

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2015.10.8 Discovering Sustainability

Being sustainable is an art form in itself. It needs passion, dedication and creativity. It also needs people who nurture it and help it grow. Let’s hear from the Art Club and EVSS about their thoughts on sustainability.

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2015.10.8 Autumn –Season of Harvest and Cultivation

As a new group that engages HKUST students, staff and faculty with closer connection with nature, the HKUST Gardening Club is connecting members – now around a hundred of them – to enjoy gardening and beautify our campus.

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2015.10.6 Eco-Reps- Giving a Sustainable Gift to UST

A new group of 20 Eco-Reps is thinking about giving gifts to UST as their personal contributions towards building a more sustainable campus.

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