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2016.07.18 Green Team Survey on the Use of Reusable Containers

Green Team has conducted a survey on the consumption of reusable containers by the UST members for takeaways in Spring 2016 in order to have a deeper understanding of the interviewees’ behaviors and altitudes towards the use of reusable containers.

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2016.05.12 Applying Psychological Interventions for a more Sustainable Campus

Students always have great ideas of building a more sustainable campus environment. This semester, students in a popular Environmental Psychology class got the opportunity to apply what they learned in theory in real life applications.

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2016.05.5 Getting to Know the Green Team - Ansh NASTA

Everyone has their own sustainability-driven story. I have interviewed several students and staff from the Green Team, so let’s share and hear about their beliefs in coming stories.

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2016.04.1 Staying Green, Joining Hands with the Societies

A special thanks goes out to all the student societies who showed support to make their counter and decoration more sustainable during the Promotion Period.

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2016.02.2 HKUST Develops Environmentally Friendly Organic Solar Cells with Record Performance

A record-efficient organic solar cell developed by a research team of HKUST via an environmentally-friendly method, has been put on the renowned “Best Research-Cell Efficiencies Chart” by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory of the United States.

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2016.01.12 Green Trekkers Finding New Home for Hall Residents’ Items

The new Green Trekkers program redesigned the “Give and Take Campaign” to minimize the amount of waste and facilitate the exchange of items.

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2016.01.12 Going Paperless

In celebration of HKUST’s 25th anniversary, our goal is to reduce paper by 25% over last year’s levels.

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2015.12.8 HKUST Secret Garden

A group of Eco-Reps students from the Sustainable Campus Leadership Program spent the last year in creating this space for students to get closer to nature.

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