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2017.03.21 Plastic Bottle Free

Did you know that out of 16 landfills in Hong Kong, 13 have been completely filled with garbage? An average of 9,782 tonnes of municipal solid waste is sent to the landfill every day, about 20.6% of which was plastic.

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2017.03.3 Green Reps Planting Sustainability Seeds

Green Reps from the nominated cabinets of student societies have planted sustainability seeds by engaging their members through green promotional activities.

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2017.02.2 Transforming Our Food Waste into Resources

HKUST finds ways to turn food leftovers into good resources instead of sending it to the landfill.

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2016.12.22 HKUST Print Shop Becomes the First FSC-Certified Printer among HK Universities

HKUST Publishing Technology Center (PTC) announced that it has become the first facility among Hong Kong education institutions to obtain Forest Stewardship Council Chain-of-Custody (FSC- COC) certification.

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2016.10.5 Getting to Know the Green Team - Natalie CHANG

Interview with our staff from the Green Team, sharing about her belief and passion about sustainability.

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2016.10.5 Joy of Harvesting in Student Hall Organic Farm

Can you imagine yourself after having a day of class, farming with other student residents with fun and sweat? Who will not enjoy the harvest of fresh vege and herbs in the hall garden?

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2016.10.5 The new Green O’ Camps are the new black

"We should aim to strike a balance between leisure and environmental protection, and going green does not necessarily detract from the fun.”

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2016.10.4 Stepping into the library, Leaving Footprint on Greenhouse Gas Free Carpet

When you buy a product, have you thought about the greenhouse gas emissions for a full life cycle? Customers are now demanding more transparent environmental information from companies to understand their products’ impact on the environment.

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