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2017.11.16 Recycling Styrofoam and E-waste

HKUST is committed to create a sustainable campus by setting a target to cut landfill waste by 50% in 2020 over the base year of 2014.

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2017.09.18 Solar Energy Shines in Cambodia

The UST Connect service learning program leads the way in showing how a commitment to helping others and preserving our environment can generate excellent results for orphans in Cambodia

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2017.09.18 Green Team Leads on Sustainable Dining

Green Team members explore new opportunities for engaging the campus community for a more sustainable dining.

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2017.09.18 Library Media Digitization Goes Green

HKUST Library has had sustainability in mind from day one - and with staff that work hard to fulfill this mission in ways large and small.

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2017.09.18 Sustainability Thinking Course Driving Behavioral Change on Energy

Last semester, students from a new hands-on course applied interventions to shift energy consumption behaviors of hall residents.

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2017.03.21 Plastic Bottle Free

Did you know that out of 16 landfills in Hong Kong, 13 have been completely filled with garbage? An average of 9,782 tonnes of municipal solid waste is sent to the landfill every day, about 20.6% of which was plastic.

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2017.03.3 Green Reps Planting Sustainability Seeds

Green Reps from the nominated cabinets of student societies have planted sustainability seeds by engaging their members through green promotional activities.

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2017.02.2 Transforming Our Food Waste into Resources

HKUST finds ways to turn food leftovers into good resources instead of sending it to the landfill.

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