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2018.11.12 Announcing the Creation of the Sustainable Smart Campus as a Living Lab

We are pleased to announce the formation of the HKUST Sustainable Smart Campus as a Living Lab.

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2018.10.29 Empowering Freshmen on Sustainability Effort

This year, the Sustainability Unit has partnered with different student societies to introduce a greener school life to the new students.

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2018.10.29 Recycling Landscape Waste and Animal Bedding

Since April this year, with the sustainability effort of Facilities Management Office, our university has partnered with a local company to recycle all our landscape resources and convert them into valuable compost and also renewable energy.

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2018.10.29 Team Efforts- Let’s Go GREEN Together at HKUST

Both of us are parents to young impressionable kids and we are immensely concerned about the degradation of our environment.

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2018.10.29 The Sustainability Education Community is recruiting!

HKUST’s SEC seeks to act as both a professional and social network for interested members of the HKUST community, creating a space for multidisciplinary dialogue, collaboration, and support for sustainability education and practice.

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2018.04.18 Transforming Soil Hand-in-Hand for a Brighter Future

Our students have pioneered a campus project to develop a composting method and composter design which makes the seemingly tedious process of mushing food and yard waste into soil conditioners much more efficient, sustainable and user-friendly!

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2018.04.12 Take-away Box Circular Program

The student initiated Take-away Box Circular Program that grabbed multiple media’s attention successfully launched last month and engaged more than 400 students and staff to get involved.

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2018.04.10 HKUST is plastic water bottle-free

Have you seen any bottled water in our school lately? Well, HKUST has proudly phased out sale of plastic bottled water under 1 Litre on campus from 22 March 2018.

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