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Recycling Landscape Waste and Animal Bedding

Since April this year, with the sustainability effort of Facilities Management Office, our university has partnered with a local company that has the capabilities to accept all our landscape resources and convert them into valuable compost and also renewable energy.

HKUST set a goal of reducing our overall waste to the landfill by 50% by year 2020. In addition to recycling paper, metal, plastic, glass, wood, collection of food wastes, and other strategies, FMO recognised that our campus generates significant “wastes” from our landscape (in average 15 tonnes per month with foliage of trees, grass, woody cuttings, large branches, trunks of trees, clippings of lawn and shrubs etc.)  

Partnership with this recycling company repurposes all of our landscape wastes as well as the animal bedding into valuable resources through pyrolysis operation of  Energy Conversion System and enzyme accelerated composting. Did you know that in average, our campus generates 200kg of animal bedding every working day which are paper liners, aspen shaving and corn cob?

In the last six-month, over 75 tonnes of landscape waste have been recycled, as well as over 13.5 tonnes of animal beddings were sent for recycling from the animal and plant care facility since September.

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