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Empowering Freshmen on Sustainability Effort

Do you still remember as a freshman, how did you start a whole new University life?

It is always the best time to make new friends and get to know more about our campus during the Orientation Camp. This year, the Sustainability Unit has partnered with different student societies to introduce a greener school life to the new students.

Supporting student societies were committed to carry out three green actions during their orientation camps:

1)      Bring Your own bottle

2)      Avoid Disposables (plastic straws and disposable cutlery)

3)      Respect Food and Separate for Recycling

By being a role model, the student societies’ leaders also sent out reminder messages to all freshmen to ask for their support of the green actions and each O’ Camp participant would receive a new UST-branded reusable wood cutlery with cloth set as green souvenir. We also held a lucky draw to sponsor the “O’Camp fee” for a number of freshmen who signed up to the O’Camps organized by the pledged green student societies to recognize their efforts.

We believe that this is just the beginning for our new students to get involved on campus sustainability. If you have other ideas, please share with us at

Green O’Camp Pledged Student Societies list:

Biochemistry and Biotechnology Students’ Society

Christian Fellowship

Environmental Management and Technology Students’ Society

Film Society

Games Society

Nature Club

People's Campus Radio

Risk Management and Business Intelligence Students’ Association

The Computer Science and Engineering Students' Society

The Marketing Students' Society

UG Halls VIII & IX Organizing Team

University YMCA