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HKUST Secret Garden

Have you noticed that the open area behind the Engineering Commons has turned into a space for relaxation and rejuvenation?

A group of Eco-Reps students from the Sustainable Campus Leadership Program spent their last year in creating this space for students to get closer to nature. Their goal was to redesign an underutilized space in HKUST for the enjoyment of everyone in the university community.

After conducting a series of surveys, stakeholder engagements and a design thinking workshop, the group came up with several ideas to redesign this space. With the support of the Facilities Management Office, the space now has two garden swings, lounge chairs to chill and outdoor tables with chairs for those who want to stay in nature to inspire them with their work.

Zhang Bingyu, a staff member working in Nami told us that she liked this space even before it was redesigned. She visits it quite often during her lunch break. She enjoys the swing and finds it more comfortable than the hard metal benches in the garden. Even on a rainy day, the swing is the perfect spot for her break since the material dries very quickly and the swing is in shelter by a cover. "It would be wonderful if we can also put some small plants with flowers around these facilities and add more swings in the garden allowing more students to enjoy their time."

Another MSc student, Hu Ruoxiang from the School of Engineering discovered this place for the first time as he just walked past it before taking his exam nearby. He found this space a really nice and relaxing spot to take a break. He also suggested that the school could consider putting more swings and recliner chairs in the garden. "It's nice to be lying down on the chairs."

Sneha Balasubramanian, a student from the Eco-Reps group who worked on this project shared, "We also installed a glass board on a pillar for students to share what they would like to do before graduating, be it to ask out that girl they have had a crush on for the past year or maybe even start a new student society! Putting it out into the universe is positive reinforcement and for students to inspire and get inspired! This is a space for the students, created by the students and we hope it will keep growing and blossoming with time."

The space is filled with people from the IoT and Robotics Forum
Zhang Bingyu and Hu Ruoxiang sharing with us about how they feel about this garden
Thanks to our Eco-Reps who put up the swings for students to enjoy
What a relaxing time to enjoy it outdoor with your friends

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