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SENG Inter-departmental Paper Reduction Challenge

In fall semester, the Sustainability Unit has organized the Inter-Departmental Paper Reduction Challenge for the six departments of School of Engineering aiming to encourage the reduction of paper consumption within the departments to save printing cost while helping the environment. 

Last year, HKUST used nearly 40,000 reams of paper, which is over 350 tons of paper. The School of Engineering used 4,860 reams of paper. Our goal for the year is to reduce paper by at least 25% in celebration of HKUST’s 25th anniversary.  

With the support of the Engineering offices, we are pleased to announce that altogether the six departments combined for an average paper reduction of over 21% compared last year.  That is a real savings of nearly 300 reams of paper!  In environmental terms, that means 17 trees were saved.

Congratulations to IELM for reducing paper use by an astonishing 59% and CBME for a very honorable mention of 38%.  These winning offices each received a beautiful gift basket of fair trade and organic products to share among all the winners of the offices. 

As the winning office, Prof Fugee Tsung, Department Head of IELM said, "This is a very meaning event and the result is encouraging. We support the school to go paperless to save paper which comes from trees. We will continue our efforts in reducing paper use and together we can build a greener campus and a more sustainable world." 

Prof Chen Guohua, Department Head of CBME shared the joy of winning the paper reduction challenge with his office colleagues, "This is a great news and I need to share this with our faculty members. We should use more electronic means. Personally, I use iPad and save printing. We will encourage others to do the same."

There are different ways that each office can all help to reduce the paper usage by following smart green printing tips, using tablet at paperless meetings, going email paperless with reminder signature etc. Join us in greening your office now! 

Presenting gift basket to Prof Fugee Tsung from IELM
Sharing the joy of winning paper reduction challenge with CBME