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Discovering Sustainability

Being sustainable is an art form in itself. It needs passion, dedication and creativity. It also needs people who nurture it and help it grow. Let’s hear from the Art Club and EVSS about their thoughts on sustainability.

Art Club

“What does sustainability mean to you?”
“So sustainability is like whatever event you hold, whatever you do, you do it with consideration for the environmental impacts. If you’re going to hold a big event in the atrium, you have to consider how the environment is going to be affected, whether temporarily or permanently, and you try your best to reduce paper, reduce the use of electricity...”

“How does the Art Club contribute towards sustainability?”
“Our society is newly founded and our primary concern right now is to gain a student member base and start recruiting the next generation of Excos. We do make an effort to reduce use of materials and energy. Perhaps we will introduce more initiatives once we have established ourselves as a society.”

“What are your expectations of sustainability on campus?”
“Hm we expect that every society should be as eco-friendly as possible. I see a lot of garbage like cardboard and paper unnecessarily being thrown out. Especially after the promotional period, I see trash cans filled with them. It would be so much better for the earth if they could just recycle all that paper and cardboard. They should have more awareness.”


Environment Students’ Society

“What does sustainability mean to you?”
“We would define sustainability as the development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the abilities of future generations to meet their own needs. This is the definition given by the World Commission on Environment and Development. We think it sums up the core value of sustainability as it’s all about the actions that we take now that help conserve resources for the next generation and that the environment will be able to absorb and assimilate the waste we produce.”

“How does your society contribute towards sustainability?

“As a society our impacts are not very significant in terms of the global perspective, it’s really the individual impacts that we count. Through our sustainable actions we can also influence the participants of our O camps and they can then influence others and this awareness will change the social culture and mind-set of sustainability.

For example in the O camp that we held, we tried to integrate green actions and encouraged our participants to bring their own bottles as it is really easy to get water all over campus. Moreover, estimating the amount of resources needed beforehand based on the number of participants really helped reduce waste especially in the area of food catering. We did not have any food or water wasting games as those are definitely not very environmentally friendly. We also reduced our travelling footprint in our City Hunt game, so when we were travelling all around Hong Kong we walked if it was not too far away.

We have a big event coming up called Grass Hour which will reach a wider group of audience as it will be held in the atrium and we will have events like barter trade that will get people realise what kinds of things can be re-used. We will also share about the seriousness of environmental problems to raise awareness and hold up-cycling workshops to show that seemingly useless waste can be turned into useful products.”

“What are your expectations of sustainability on campus?”
“We would say that we should strive for a campus where holding green O camp is an expectation for all the societies because if you realise the importance of it, we, as a campus, can have a big impact. We should try and strive for a green campus in the future. The resources that are used in society activities do not belong to a single person, so we do not take ownership of it and tend to waste more and tend not to bother if resources are not being used efficiently. But now I think we can try and expect societies to change their attitude, in daily operations to think of managing society resources as their own.”

Art Club makes an effort to reduce use of materials and energy.
EVSS thinks their sustainable actions caninfluence others and change the social culture and mind-set of sustainability.

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