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Eco-Reps- Giving a Sustainable Gift to UST

HKUST provides so much for all of us in this vibrant community, but what can we give back? A new group of 20 Eco-Reps is already thinking about this, and if they are successful, their gifts will be their personal contributions towards building a more sustainable campus.

Thanks to the generous support of Shanghai Commercial Bank, the sponsors of the SCB-HKUST Sustainable Campus Leadership Program, Eco-Reps will have the opportunity to work on campus greening projects over the next four years. This is the third year of the program, but the first with the Shanghai Commercial Bank as its sponsor.

Having strong passion and ideas for sustainability, this new batch of 20 Eco-Reps are committed to designing and implementing their green projects to improve the sustainable performance on campus. In the coming year, they will undergo weekly trainings and meetings to build their leadership skills, project management experience, and enhance the development of their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. They will work with consultants and professional partners to turn ideas into practical projects, and collaborate with internal stakeholders to implement them. In the last two years, Eco-Reps have implemented a variety of green projects including paperless campaigns, redesigning underutilized spaces, biodiesel research, and feasibility studies on on-campus renewable energy.

Joining this program also offers a great opportunity for students to meet new friends with diverse backgrounds, skills and knowledge. This year, we have an excellent diversity of students:

  • 40% of them are international students representing eight different countries in Asia, North America and Central America. 
  • Students all come from three of the four schools plus IPO. 40% are from School of Business & Management; followed by students from School of Science (25%), Interdisciplinary Programs Office (20%) and School of Engineering (15%).
  • Among 20 students, Year 1 and Year 2 are the majority (13 students); followed by five students in Year 3 & 4, and two postgraduate students.

Let’s give our support to the new Eco-Reps and look forward to their projects for growing our vibrant community together!


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