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Greening Our Environment

Our spectacular sea view at HKUST does not just provide a beautiful panorama; research suggests that our physical surroundings also influence the way we think, work and act towards others. The way we utilize our surroundings can be a strong factor in contributing to social collaboration and learning environment and building a sustainable brand and identity.

Greenery does not just enhance visual display; it also contributes to health and sense of connectivity with nature. Many students appreciate greenery environment and even enjoy planting and gardening. Prof Melody Leung took this on as a challenge to her Plant Biology Laboratory students and invited them to propose a redesign of the lawn area outside the Lee Shau Kee Business Building.

Students were encouraged to think of plants not just for their beauty, but for the wide range of services they offer as well. By the end of the course, students delivered a proposal that included three types of plants that would provide both beauty and functionality. With one set of garden herbs to repel insects, another to provide wonderful scents and a third to provide shade, the final proposal was a significant upgrade over the current groundcover. The proposal has been handed over to HKUST’s horticulture team, who are now reviewing for consideration. The project demonstrates the endless opportunities to take an already pristine campus and make it even more enriching and functional.