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Naming Competition- Smiley Faces Recycling Bins

When you came back to campus for the new semester, did you notice that our 3-color recycling bins have a fresh new look? During last semester, the Sustainability Unit partnered with HKUST Publishing Technology Center to redesign the signage of the recycling bins on campus. 

According to a market research conducted last year on students' recycling behavior, over 90% of students came to HKUST with previous knowledge of recycling. Half of the students recycle but not regularly. The designs of smiley faces on recycling bins aim to deliver a positive message of "Smart People...Recycle" to encourage our students and staff to take actions on recycling. The designer connects nature (sky, trees and water) with our positive actions through smiley face images on particular bins. Not only drawing the attention of our campus community, it is hoped that the graphic can reinforce the belief that recycling makes a difference to the environment.

To make the smiley face images unique to HKUST community and for designing future recycling activity, you now have the opportunity to enter a Naming Competition of the Smiley Face Images on our Recycling Bins. Please fill in the online form (click here) by 10 April. Winners will be announced and informed for prize collection.  

First Prize - Cheque Award $300 
Two Runners Up Prizes - Cheque Award $100 each
Five Merit Prizes - Cheque Award $50 each 

Along with the new look, a new recycling guide was also designed showing the categories of acceptable recyclables. The guides are posted at key locations of recycling bins, lobbies of student halls and staff quarters, and public areas on campus. A group of engineering students are also working on updating our Green UST mobile app which will share information of the recycling bins locations on campus in the coming months. 

It is only by working together, we can build a sustainable campus environment.Submit your names for the HKUST Smiley Faces now! 

Our student helpers worked hard to put up smiley faces on recycling bins around campus.