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Let’s welcome Woody, Sunny and Aqua to join UST family

Thank you for all your support on naming the recycling bins smiley faces. We received around 50 suggested names from our students and staff and were impressed by their creativity and positive message to be conveyed. 

After judging and voting by the campus community, these are the winning names for UST smiley faces! Congratulations to the winners for naming our new campus members to promote recycling and sustainability. 

First Prize 
Woody (tree smiley face for paper recycling)
Sunny (sky smiley face for metal recycling)
Aqua (water smiley face for plastic recycling)

Feng Teng (student) - "Woody" has easy-to-pronounce syllables, and is related to trees and woods. "Sunny" is very easy to be remembered, and associate to good weather. "Aqua" means water with two syllables as well. Overall, all three names are easy to be pronounced and remembered by relating to their own image.

Runners up Prizes 

1. Woodie, Metalhead, Drinker 
Sharon Ng (staff) - Woodie is named as he is a wood-lover, just as we say foodie for food lovers. As wood or tree is the raw material for papers, Woodie wishes to see everyone recycle paper to protect his wood's friends. Metalhead loves to recycle metal. Metalhead is usually describing big fans of heavy metal music. I chose this name as she is a metal lover to ask people not to waste the metal case or aluminium cans, which can be recycled into useful metallic materials, including wires for heavy metal music. Drinker refers to people who love to drink a lot. As a bottle lover, Drinker collects them and carries a water smiley face.

2. Tweety, Sunny, Unity
Guo Wenshuo (student) - “Tweety” is a name of a cute bird in cartoon, and the forest is the heaven of birds. So I name it for tree smiley face. When we say the word "sunny", we will think of blue sky and white cloud. This is the name for sky smiley face. Drops of water can form the sea. Protecting the environment together as a “unity”, we can make a big difference! I name that for water smiley face. And last but not least, the three words begin with "UST”!

Merit Prizes 
1. Mr. Papey the Tree Chugger, Ms. Mettalia the Copper Chopper, Grandpa Plasticard of the Bubble Wrap Supernova – by DOMINGUE, Christopher Paul (staff)
2. Woodstock, Brigid, Ariel – by Lee Yi Xuan Jeremy (student)
3. Treetie, Cannie, Bottie – by Ng Sze Ting (student)
4. Timberley, Smineraly, Apuriley – by Yuen Ka Yee Kristy (student)
5. Smiling Tree, Winking Sky, Giggling Water – by Wu Yixuan (student)

Stickers were designed with smiley faces to cheer and encourage our students during exam period

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