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Announcing the Creation of the Sustainable Smart Campus as a Living Lab

We are pleased to announce the formation of the HKUST Sustainable Smart Campus as a Living Lab (SSC).  This effort is intended to transform our campus into a platform for learning, experimenting, and advancing new ideas and approaches related to smart living and working in the context of sustainability.  To demonstrate our commitment, the University will provide $50 million to be awarded over the next three years to our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and partners who develop and implement projects on campus.

Why now?

This initiative follows years of sustainability achievements at HKUST.  In June 2016, the university adopted its first sustainability master plan, called the HKUST 2020 Sustainability Challenge, which set an aggressive set of performance targets. Through a combination of actions, policies, and changes in behavior, we have succeeded in saving the equivalent of three buildings worth of energy, and have reduced our waste to the landfill by hundreds of tons. 

What are our objectives?

The SSC will build on these achievements and consolidate all efforts under one umbrella by creating a living lab framework, where we


  1. Identify home-grown HKUST project ideas that are both smart (new and innovative) and rooted in sustainability (providing environmental and social benefits)
  2. Implement these projects on campus as learning and educational showcases for GREAT (green, resilient, empowering, adaptable, and transformative) attributes
  3. Foster the R&D and cross-disciplinary learning experiences of the campus community
  4. Engage all members of the campus community and relevant stakeholders


We have already identified a number of projects that have noticeable potential to advance these goals, and will recognize them in due course.  All activities and opportunities for involvement will be detailed in the new Sustainable Smart Campus website.

Your participation is crucial!

Finally, it is important to note that campuses are microcosms of global cities, which recognize the urgency of developing smart, sustainable policies and technologies to guide their transition into the future.  It is hoped that SSC projects will become a source of inspiration to our Hong Kong Community in ways that communicate a positive vision for a sustainable world.  

The implementation of SSC projects will be coordinated through HKUST’s GREAT Smart Cities Center (GSCC), in collaboration with the HKUST Sustainability Unit (SUST) which will report directly to us and the University Administrative Committee (UAC).  Prof Hong Lo, Director of GSCC, is charged to be the academic lead and Davis Bookhart, Head of SUST will be the administrative coordinator to support this initiative.

We solicit your creative input and advice, and hope we all will join hands in making our campus a living laboratory, in a true sense, to advocate and support sustainability by being smart!


Wei SHYY, President

Mark HODGSON, Vice-President for Administration and Business

Nancy IP, Vice-President for Research and Development

Sabrina LIN, Vice-President for Institutional Advancement

Yang WANG, Dean of Science

Tim CHENG, Dean of Engineering

Kar Yan TAM, Dean of Business and Management

Kellee TSAI, Dean of Humanities and Social Science

King CHOW, Director of Interdisciplinary Programs Office cum Acting Dean of Students

Roger CHENG, Associate Provost for Teaching and Learning

Charles NG, Associate Vice-President for Research and Development

Enboa WU, Associate Vice-President for Knowledge Transfer cum Dean of HKUST Fok Ying Tung Graduate School




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