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Shanghai Commercial Bank-HKUST Sustainable Campus Leadership Program

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Students are passionate and have great ideas of building a sustainable campus. For the past three years, the Sustainability Unit has been selecting 20 passionate and committed HKUST students every year to become the Eco-Reps.

Based on their interest and skills, Eco-Reps teams will choose, design and organize green campus projects that fall under one of these four categories:
Conservation and Biodiversity
- Energy and Low-Carbon
- Waste Reduction and Recycling
- Peer and Community Outreach

Additionally, Eco-Reps will have opportunities throughout the program to meet leaders in the sustainability movement and senior university administrators. From these meetings and from firsthand experience, the Eco-Reps can build leadership skills, gain project management experience, and enhance their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. 

Selection Criteria and Procedures

All full-time HKUST students are welcome to join the Sustainable Campus Leadership Program. Priority will be given to those who:
- are full-time UG students in the 2017-18 academic year;
- have proven track record for leading campus projects and activities;
- demonstrate strong passion and commitment in building a sustainable campus.

Recruitment is now open! Students who are interested in the program have to submit an online application by 11 September 2017.


September- Program Application and Selection Process

  • September 5: Information session (1:15pm-2pm, Room 4334)
  • September 11: Application deadline
  • September 6-13: Individual interviews (applicants will be contacted via phone or e-mail to arrange for an interview)
  • September 16 morning: Team selection challenge
  • September 22: First dinner meeting 

October- December- Regular weekly meetings (Wednesday 6-7:30pm)

  • Refine your skills through training sessions and meetings with guest speakers
  • Plan and develop strategies for new project ideas and activities
  • Spend at least 2 hours outside of weekly meeting times to work with team members on the project

January- Winter break (team members are expected to continue to work on their projects)
February- May – Regular meetings and project completion

Eco-Reps who complete the program in good standing will receive a Sustainable Campus Leadership Certificate of Accomplishment that will detail the skills and experiences gained from the program


  1. I am PG student, can I apply to the program?

    All full-time HKUST students are welcome to join the Sustainable Campus Leadership Program, though you may expect most of the participants will be UG students.
  2. I am going for an exchange program in spring semester, can I apply?

    As this is a one-year program and it takes months to design and implement a green campus project, we suggest you to apply to the program in the next academic year.
  3. How will the topic of green campus project be selected?

    The Sustainability Unit will propose a list of topics for Eco-Reps to consider. Students can also propose their own project ideas, provided that the objectives and scope are appropriate.

    Projects by the previous Eco-Reps include:
    -Vibrant Spaces: revamping the underutilized space behind the Chinese restaurant
    -Rainwater harvesting pilot project for flushing purposes
    -Indoor water conservation: pilot testing of low-flow showerheads in halls
    -Green Garden: revitalizing the underutilized space next to Engineering Commons

  4. I am an international student, can I join the program?

    Our activities are conducted in English and everyone is welcome to apply. Our program has a good mix of students from different nationalities, schools and programs. We believe that diverse backgrounds, skills and interests of our students will add value to the green campus projects development.
  5. What is the regular meeting schedule?

    The meeting will be held every Wednesday at 6pm-7:30pm on campus.

One of the main reasons behind my strong belief for maintaining a sustainable lifestyle and encouraging to follow suit is because it is a need. I believe it is our duty; our responsibility as mankind is to take care of this beautiful world and preserve it so that future generations can also appreciate its beauty.

Avinash Vinod Bharwaney
Year 2, BBA