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Green Team
Do you have an interest in making a cleaner, greener, more sustainable HKUST campus? Join the Green Team!

What is the Green Team?

The Network Green Team is the collection of members of the HKUST community who have an interest in creating a more sustainable campus environment. The goal for the Green Team is to create a structure by which interested members of the community can participate productively in the transition of the campus into one that operates in a more efficient, environmentally-friendly, and healthy way.

Who can be a Green Team member?

Members can be students, faculty, staff, or other residents of the campus community (spouses, helpers, and children). Members conduct business on their own time and their work is separate from their official University duties.

What can Green Team members do?

Members can work on real, hands-on projects that improve our campus and community. Ideas for campus greening projects are initiated by Green Team members, and Members will implement the work themselves (if appropriate), or forward the ideas to FMO, CSO, or other offices that could benefit from the suggestions.

What are examples of Green Team projects?

The Green Team is still new at HKUST, but based on experiences from peer universities, Green Teams are popular with members who have specific ideas and interests associated with sustainability. Gardening, volunteer work, and engaging campus children are common themes for green teams, and it is anticipated that this will be the case at HKUST.

What are the benefits of joining?

Even though Green Team Members will not be paid or have this work count as part of their official duties, the benefits of joining a Green Team are enormous. Members will meet like-minded individuals on campus and will have a chance to make a real difference. The meetings are fun and friendly (and include free lunch!) and give Members a chance to explore options for changing the campus with others who have similar viewpoints. Members will enjoy the thrill of making real and lasting changes.

How do I learn more?

Please sign up online, we’d love to hear from you and will get back to you. 
Join our facebook group to get connected with other Green Team members. 

Environmental issues are some of the great concerns in 21 century. The government, media and business always talk about sustainability, but it is important for us who live in our great planet to develop understanding, love and care towards our environment.

CHAN Kai Yin, John
BSc in Environmental Management and Technology