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Gardening Club
Do you want to experience gardening and harvest with joy within the touch of nature? Here is the opportunity!


What is HKUST Gardening Club?

HKUST Gardening Club is newly established, initiated by a group of EVMT students and supported by HKUST Sustainability Unit. The club aims to engage HKUST students, staff and faculty with closer connection with nature, acting green and enjoying the fun of gardening. We shall work together to create a social and learning space for garden lovers, beautify our campus, build a relaxing environment and provide educational opportunities for all campus members.

What do Gardening Club members do?

For those who are interested in taking care of the fruit trees in HKUST's orchard, watering, pruning and composting will be regularly tasks. There are also more upcoming gardening projects on campus for members can join! Like our Facebook page to get the up-to-date news!

I have no experience in farming or gardening, can I join?

Don’t worry. You are welcome to join us even you have no experience! There will be trainings and workshops delivering the required skills. You may also help us with other areas, such as organizing and promoting events.

What are the benefits of joining the club?

You will be able to enjoy the fun of gardening and the harvests. At the same time, you can burn calories, train your body, make new friends and contribute to build a sustainable campus. You are going to be inspired by other passionate members!

How can I join the club?

Join us now by filling in the online form, click here.
Like our Facebook page to get the up-to-date news of the gardening community!


Embracing sustainability is a way for me to appreciate life. It allows me to see more possibilities in the eternity and consistence in everything. It allows me to think of how to treasure things instead of discarding them. Let's appreciate our life more by acting sustainably!

Wong Sum Yim, Fiona
BSc in Environmental Management and Technology