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Youth Energy Saving Award

The Youth Energy Saving Award is being held by the Environment Bureau and the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to educate the younger generation about the importance of energy saving and their responsibilities in terms of reducing carbon emissions in their daily lives. Interested students and young persons up to the age of 25 are welcome to participate by team. The participating teams are required to design and put into practice energy saving measures for their homes or associated organisations. Each team will strive through collaboration to reduce the energy consumption at their selected venues and come up with innovative suggestions to promote the use of renewable energy and measures to save energy.


The aim of the competition is to educate the younger generation about the importance of energy saving and enhance their understanding on how to reduce carbon emissions in their daily lives. Encouragement is given also for them to practice energy saving, with a view to developing Hong Kong into a low carbon and livable city. Each winning team will receive a cash award for donation to its nominated non-profit-making organisation for provision of youth services. The competition, with its promotion of energy saving and a caring culture, is therefore significant both for the environment and the society.

Competition Registration Period:

6 July 2015 to 15 October 2015


Young persons up to the age of 25 from various sectors of the community may form a team of ten to participate and submit a proposal and action plan to save energy consumption at ten different venues, including their homes or associated organisations of which they have been contributing members. Participants may join under one of the following three categories, but each person may only enter the competition once:

Primary School Category
Secondary School Category
Open Category (for young persons up to the age of 25 in any combination)
Details of Competition

The competition has two stages:

Stage 1: Online quiz and electricity saving competition

To encourage each team member to join the E&M Young Ambassador Programme.
Each team member is required to participate in the online quiz.
Submit the electricity bills for each team member covering the “electricity saving competition period” (i.e. October and November 2015) and the “baseline period” (i.e. October and November 2014) for calculation of the percentage of energy saved.
After the submitted information is verified as correct, the ten best teams in each category are expected to be notified personally in February 2016 for entering into stage 2 of the competition.

Stage 2: Presentations on energy saving methods and measures by shortlisted teams

The ten shortlisted teams in each category will be invited to present before the judge panel the degree of participation of their team members’ families as well as the practicality and effectiveness of their electricity saving practices. Besides, the shortlisted teams are required to choose one of two topics: “creative and effective means to promote (i) energy saving or (ii) renewable energy to the public” in their presentation. Assessment will be made by the judge panel according to criteria such as creativity, innovation, practicality, organisation and planning of the overall presentation.

Judge Panel

In stage 2, the final score will be decided by the judge panel comprising professionals and academics in different fields as well as community representatives. Membership list of the panel will be announced later.


One Platinum, two Gold, two Silver and five Bronze awards will be given for each category. Each winning team that is shortlisted for entering the stage 2 competition will receive the following cash awards for donation to its nominated non-profit-making organisation for provision of youth services.



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