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2019.07.19 - 2019.08.21
Green O’Camp Campaign 2019

Three Green Principles – Dining, clothing, recycling

Student societies can sign up for the campaign by pledging to follow ALL 3 green principles.

* The underlined actions are compulsory, others are optional but highly recommended.

 1.  Zero-waste dining (No bottled water, disposable cutlery or food waste)

ü  Send a warm message to remind all participants to bring their own water bottles & reusable cutlery

  • Don’t provide disposable cutlery or plastic straw
  • Don’t provide disposable bottled water
  • Avoid take-away or restaurants that only provide disposable cutlery
  • Introduce the locations of water fountains to the freshmen
  • Ask for big container or non-disposables for food delivery. Don’t provide drinks cartons. 
  • Order food appropriately according to the number of participants.  If the number of participants is less than expected, notify the restaurant and make amendments as soon as possible.
  • Reserve sufficient time for meal. Order popular dishes to reduce left-over. 
  • Do not waste food in games. Respect food.

2. Sustainable Clothing, support campaign from WWF

First, consider having the same dress code or wearing the same accessory (e.g. badges, stickers) instead of ordering new T-shirts.

If societies still decide to distribute T-shirts…

  •  Do not print event details and dates, so that you can reuse them in future society activities
  • Inform the new students where the clothing recycling boxes are on campus
  • Request the manufacturer to deliver T-shirts in a big bag instead of individual packaging
  • Keep the graphic/text smaller than A5 size (148 x210mm) to facilitate recycling
  • Collect unwanted T-shirts from participants at the closing for future use or recycling

3. Recycling (Food waste, souvenirs and other recyclables e.g. paper and cans)

  • Separate the food leftovers for recycling (We can provide a small bin and bags)
  • Separate recyclables into 3-coloured recycling bins (Paper, Plastic, Metal, plus Glass)
  • Introduce the locations of souvenirs donation bins to freshmen after distributing gift packs

Link for signing up by 19 July (You may submit your Green-Rep contact first)

Pledging Green O'camp society will receive sponsored souvenirs (first come, first served!), please come to our office (Room 2004, lift 4) to pay the first deposit ($500, refundable) on or before 25 July 2019, 5pm.


We help encourage freshmen to join YOUR GREEN O’Camp.

On 7-8 August, our counter will be set up outside LTA. A big poster with the name list of student societies who signed up for a Green O’Camp will be published. Any freshmen who shows their receipt of joining a Green O’Camp can join the lucky draw to win a starbucks coupon.

We provide reusable souvenirs according to your preference.

We will notify you to collect the requested quantity of green souvenirs after the Registration Day. You will have to pay a deposit of $25 for each set of souvenirs (refundable).  We will also provide “We are in” posters for you to post on your Facebook and Instagram. 

You can get a full refund of deposits after your society 

1)          carries out ALL underlined compulsory actions during the camp and get everyone involved

2)          posts “We are in” poster on fb+ig page before the camp.

3)          sends a report (photo proof and simple descriptions) to on or before 6 September 2019, 17:00

Minimum requirement on the report:


-A message to remind freshmen to bring their bottle & cutlery

-Post “We are in” poster on Facebook+Instagram (if applicable)

Photos *include as many people as possible (at least 1 GROUP!)

-Participants using reusable water bottles

-Participants using our reusable souvenirs 

-Sustainably designed T-shirts (if you still order T-shirts…)

-Food waste separation and recycling

- Showing how you gather recyclables into the 3-coloured recycling bins

Please also mention any other green actions you have taken

e.g. no water game, creating "eco-friendly" camp-fire, having vegetarian meals…

to compete for SPECIAL PRIZE FOR THE MOST CREATIVE ACHIEVERS – max. $2000 reimbursement on an environmentally-friendly society event during 2019 Fall semester .g. an eco-tour/a vegetarian dinner during your society festival. 

(Awarded societies must discuss the activity plan with the Sustainability Unit before the event to ensure meeting reimbursment requirements.)