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2019.03.11 - 2019.03.17

A Joint-U Campaign 2019 - UNIfy: BYO (大BYO) will be officially launched in March 2019 to engage campus community members to take BYO actions to reduce disposable waste by bringing their own reusable (water bottles, cups, food containers, cutlery, bags etc.) as to meet their needs and own preference. 

In addition, each university will have their student ambassadors to share with you BYO tips and interesting trivia via social media and even in person on campuses. Click here to watch the promotional video! 

BYO Week

Throughout this week, catering outlets and shops on campuses will offer special discount or incentives to promote BYO actions. In HKUST, all the participating caterers will be offering $2 discount for those who bring their reusable meal boxes for takeaway from 11-17 March. We encourage everyone to reduce the disposable waste through green action. 


Food items

Temporary Food Booth (outside LTE)

All hot main meals; tea set.

LG1 Canteen II,

Rice dishes with BBQ food; rice dishes with two toppings; salad bar.

LG7 Asia Pacific

All rice dishes; rice noodle.

LG7 Gold Rice Bowl

Rice dishes with two toppings.

LG7 Milano Fresh

All rice dishes; salad bar.

LSKBB Restaurant

Rice dishes with BBQ food; rice dishes with two toppings.


Limited to purchase at cashier counters only.

Discount is applied to hot foods include pasta, risotto and French casserole, which are available after 11:00 am.

Seafront Cafeteria

All rice dishes; cart noodles.

# Please take note that the above food items are subject to change without prior notice.

# Do not include cook-to-order food or/and pre-portioned meals.

For details of UNIfy: BYO (八大BYO), please click here