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2019.02.18 - 2019.03.20
Make Your Mark! - Staircase Design Competition @HKUST

Share your design for the open air staircase outside Cheng Yu Tung Building now!

Competition Theme:

Sustainability / HKUST / Science / Technology

Aims and Objectives:

-          Increase student interest and investment in HKUST staircases

-          Make HKUST more visually appealing

-          Create a visual attraction for visitors and students alike


1st Place - $1,500 and design will be used on CYT staircase

1st Runner Up - $800

2nd Runner Up - $500

Other Finalists - $300 worth of Starbucks coupons each

Voters from lucky draw- $50 worth of Starbucks coupons each (10 winners)

Submission Method:

-          Submissions will be accepted via Qualtrics.
The entry form can be completed by clicking here

-          Files exceeding 100MB should be uploaded separately and linked back to in the survey.

-          Submissions open on February 18th, and close on March 20th at 23:59.

-          Late submissions will not be accepted.


-          Competition start date: February 18th, Competition submissions deadline: March 20th

-          Judging period: March 21st - April 1st, Voting period: April 3rd - April 10th

-          Winner announcement date: April 12th, Prize distribution: by early May

-          Design implementation: Summer term

Competition Rules 

-          Group entries are allowed with a maximum of 5 members. 

-          Submissions may consist of art, images, and other media, with a maximum of 1000 words in text. The entirety of each submission must be the entrant's original and sole work without infringing any intellectual property rights and/or the rights of any person or entity.

-          There is no limit to the amount of content per submission, with the exception of text.

-          The organiser has the right to disqualify any entries which are deemed to be obscene, vulgar, sexually explicit, lewd, or derogatory.  The organisers reserve the right of final decisions in case of any disputes.

Design Information

-          The design should correspond with the open air staircase outside Cheng Yu Tung Building. Diagrams and various images can be found here 

For the floor plan provided by FMO, the scale is 1:200. There is also an image showing the boundaries of the design.Building Regulations about staircases:

    • Riser: not exceeding 175mm in height
    • Tread: not less than 225mm in width

-          Submissions proposing multimedia installations are allowed, so long as such installations do not block normal function of the stairs.

-          The height of the banisters should not be changed, and panel type decorations (on the banisters) should be avoided due to problems with wind.

-          It is not possible to relocate or remove the drainage channel, but the cover can be decorated. The smaller staircase (not shown in plan) is temporary. It can be included in your design, but please don't have hard feelings if it is removed in future. Alterations to the winning design may be required at the discretion of FMO after the competition ends.

-          Entrants will not be required to paint or build on the staircase themselves, but FMO can give them a bonus if they do.

Judging Procedure:

-          Judging to be conducted in two phases: by judging panel and public vote.

Judging phase: March 21st through April 1st

-          Submissions will be distributed to judges anonymously by entry number. The judging panel will select 5-7 entries as finalists (based on the average score via judging criteria below), which will then be voted on by the general HKUST population.

-          Submissions will be judged by the following criteria: creativity and originality, design and composition, thematic relevance, and feasibility.

-          Judges may dispute eligibility of entries via email to the organiser.

Open voting phase: April 3rd through April 10th

-          Voting will be hosted via Qualtrics survey and require HKUST authentication. Only finalist designs will be voted upon. Each person may vote for one entry. The survey will be open to all HKUST staff, students, and faculty. Winners ranking will be determined in order of number of votes. There will be a lucky draw hosted open to all voters (10 winners).

Judging Panel:

-          Prof. Anna Kwong, Program Director for the Center for the Arts

-          Prof. Davis Bookhart, Senior Manager of Sustainability Unit

-          Prof. Kellee Tsai, Dean of Humanities and Social Science

-          Mrs. Penny Hubbard-Brown, Associate Director of FMO (Development Section)

-          Prof. Samuel Yu, Associate Director of Health, Safety and Environment Office

Judging Criteria:

-          Creativity and Originality (out of 10)

-          Design and Composition (out of 10)

-          Thematic Relevance (out of 5)

-          Feasibility (out of 5)

Enquiries/Organiser Contact Details:

Whitney Yu (, Vanessa Ng (, Diana Jeong (, Sustainability Unit (