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2019.01.16 - 2019.02.22
Student Societies’ Promotion Period Green Activities 2019

By collaboration with the Students’ Union and DSTO, the Sustainability Unit will launch several activities to encourage student societies to think and act sustainably to alleviate the waste issue.

1. Cleaning fee: If any student societies nominated cabinets fail to fulfill the responsibility of cleaning and recycling during the promotional period (examples as follow), the University related office will charge the actual cleaning fee to the respective student society.

*Clean up and recycle materials in the common room prepared by the nominated cabinet for big decoration preparation

*Disassemble and separate the big decoration and other counters' decorations on 22 Feb 2019 with assistance from cleaners for recycling.

2. Green Reps: IVP of each society will be the Green Rep (or another member as nominated by cabinet) and assist the society to meet the green activities requirements. Green Reps will attend the meetings, inform us the booth/decoration dismantling time and distribute information among the cabinet.

3. Green Society Pro-P Champion: encourage the nominated cabinets to be more environmentally friendly from the preparation stage, committed cabinets will gain extra exposure in Atrium and Concourse during the promotion period.


Green Society Pro-P Champion


25 Jan    Green checklist submission deadline

31 Jan    E-board display of green societies cabinet photos and logos

1 Feb     Photo proof submission deadline

8 Feb      Verify the checklist items and proof

15-22 Feb  Display banner


Please submit the following items to 

By 25 January -Completed green checklist

By 1 February

  1. Photo proof, each photo with at least two sentences of explanation
  2. Other proof of taken green actions
  3. Your cabinet’s group photo, name and logo

Reward Details

Participating student societies shall commit to implement at least 15 items of the simple green action list (out of a total of 19 items) from the provided checklist to make their operations greener during the promotion period and provide photos or items as proof of taken actions. Submitted materials will be reviewed by the Sustainability Unit and spot check will be conducted after the Chinese New Year (on 8 or 11 Feb) to confirm if the cabinets will become Green Society Champion and gain extra exposure during the promotion period:

–   E-board promotion from 31 Jan- 23 Feb

–   Concourse banner promotion:

Area between 2 escalators to Concourse (15-23 Feb; best 4 nominated cabinets)

Overhead wall of facing Engineering Common (15-23 Feb; randomly assigned)

Overhead wall of LTA towards Atrium (15-18 Feb; randomly assigned)

–   Social media promotion

-   Promote each supporting green society on both IG and FB during the Pro-P

Download checklist now by clicking here 

For any enquiry, please feel free contact us at email or at 52256650 (Candice Kwan).