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2018.03.22 - 2018.03.22
Join us to celebrate the World Water Day
HKUST is now a Plastic Bottled Water-free Campus

Please join us on World Water Day, 22 March as we celebrate the efforts to preserve our oceans and clean our water.  The HKUST Sustainability Unit, along with local organizations and our newly formed Department of Ocean Science, will have booths, fun activities, and free drinks (bring your own cup from 12-2pm!) to highlight the critical need to reduce the use of disposable plastics to keep out of our waterways.  Come learn about the positive difference we can make in reducing plastic bottles, straws, stirrers, and other disposables. To find us, look for the big whale installation made of plastic bottles!

Date: 22 March 2018

Time: 11am- 4pm 

Venue: The HKUST Jockey Club Atrium

You can bring your own cup or bottle to get free drinks from 12-2pm. Hot drinks including peach tea, strawberry tea, honey chamomile tea, hot chocolate and coffee will be offered.  

Participating organizations:


&dear hopes to raise public awareness by sharing the message of animal conservation through different media and activities. &dear envisions animals and humans to live in harmony and respect.
They understand it is difficult to care about things you do not know much about; therefore, they would like to take you on a journey to explore more about the animal and hope to do something meaningful with passion and make a difference. On 22 March, their counter will display exhibition about marine pollution and animals, share free gift and free animal hugs. 


Every time you buy a takeaway drink, you receive a cup, a lid, a stirring stick, a straw, a sleeve or plastic bag. The 5 minutes that you’ve used to consume your drink equals to the life span of these takeaway items, and into the landfill they go, taking decades or even much longer period of time to break down. Let us say goodbye to disposable cups today and bring our own cup. In 2016, Smiley Planet initiated Project “Go Cup" promoting the habit of bringing your own cup in Hong Kong. 

World Water Day Go Cup Challenge 世界水日 走杯挑戰

By completing the following two tasks, you may get a free Go Cup*.

Task 1: Bring one of the following “waste reduction” tool (reusable shopping bag, handkerchief, reusable straws, reusable utensils or container) #water bottles and reusable cups are not included

Task 2: Go Cup Quiz- answer a go cup question 

*One cup per person. Limited quantities,  first come, first serve

Please redeem a Go Cup only if you really need one. If you already have a reusable cup, please pass the chance to those who do not have one.  Thank you!


任務一: 帶備以下其中一種減廢用品: 可重用購物袋、手帕或毛巾、可重用飲管、餐具或容器


任務二:Go Cup 小測驗 -需要答中一條走杯問題。



HKUST Ocean Science Department 

Ocean is the largest ecosystem on the planet and yet inadequately understood. With the size of human population and the demand of natural resources continuing to rise, ocean will become the most important source of food, material and energy to sustain the future of mankind. HKUST has identified ocean science as a strategic area for research development and education. We are committed to developing a comprehensive ocean science research and educational program, leveraging our existing expertise across various scientific and technology disciplines including biology, chemistry, physics, autonomous tools and data analysis. 

SCB-HKUST Sustainable Campus Leadership Program -bottle lending program 

Sponsored by the Shanghai Commercial Bank, 20 students are selected by the Sustainability Unit every year to become eco-reps of the Sustainable Campus Leadership Program. Eco-reps design and implement their own green campus project to improve the sustainability performance of the UST campus. One of the groups this year designed a thermal bottle lending program to promote sharing culture among students to reduce disposable waste of coffee mugs by borrowing a reusable thermal bottle through the program.

Urban Spring

Established in 2015, Urban Spring has been redefining the water drinking experience outside of the home by building an innovative, refreshing water refill network in Hong Kong. With immense passion and dedication, they strive to empower your life with a smarter choice thus reducing the need for disposable plastic bottled water for a sustainable urban lifestyle.They have developed an innovative and eco-driven product and service portfolio underpinned by state-of-the-art design, smart technology and expert knowledge. Their counter will hold activities related to water education. 


The mission of Water for Free is to share and communicate with the public the issues regarding water fountains, raising awareness and promoting its use in order to reduce plastic waste. They realize the insufficiency and inadequacy of the provision of water fountains in Hong Kong. That’s why they need to amplify voice so that the public and the authority will pay more attention to the issue. Started in 2013, Water for Free collects information about all the locations of water fountains throughout Hong Kong to help users to refill their water bottles while on the go. Their app is available in iOS and android. Let’s work together to reduce the millions of beverage bottles entering our landfills everyday!