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2018.03.14 - 2018.03.15
Green Products Fair 2018

This year from 14 March to 15 March, the Green Products Fair organized by the HKUST Sustainability Unit will be held at the Academic Concourse outside Lecture theatre A, B, C and D from 11 am to 5 pm. Local organic produce such as fresh and scrumptious vegetables will be sold on 14 March while eco-friendly products will be sold on the 15 March. Come join in the fun! Remember to bring your own bag!


14 March 

Farmers from HKUST Eco-park and local organic farms will be in attendance, selling and promoting locally-grown organic food. Organic food is the perfect “in-point” for you and your family to start living a sustainable lifestyle!

HKUST Eco-park

Bluegirl Organic Farm

Chun Kwan Organic Farm

Chun San Organic Farm 振生園有機農場

Green Plus Organic Living Co 綠續有機生活事務所

Health Organic Farm 健康有機農場

Hong Kong Organic Farm 香港有機農場

Milk & Honey Organic

Nature Harvest



15 March 

NGOs and companies will be selling and promoting eco-friendly products to help you become a smart consumer!


Through a fascination for bamboo and its potential to help alleviate deforestation and poverty in rural areas, Julia Washbourne launched the brand BAMBOA in 2008. Bamboa is a brand that carries products made from locally harvested bamboo and made by local communities throughout Asia.

Botanical Bodycare

Botanical Bodycare’s handmade eco-soap is locally-made using natural plant oils and aromas. This soap and their mesh bag are the company’s key products. These products highlight simplicity, cleanliness and moisturizing and aim to reduce our reliance on artificial essences and SLS. The company hopes to promote sensible eco-consumption. They also collect their own bottles to refill/recycle during the market fair.

Eco-Greenergy 綠行俠

Eco-Greenergy is a social enterprise embracing simple, practical and sustainable solutions. They provide food waste recycling products and solutions, from food waste machines to education programs. Being the pioneer to drive the Zero Grounds Coffee Campaign, Coffee grounds collected are upcycled to Coffee NEXT products such as soap, fertilizer and flower pots. 5% of the campaign profit is donated to food waste related research teams in Hong Kong as a support to the long-term industry development. Their shop sells green products to advocate green living style. 

Fair Taste

Fair Trade is about better prices, decent working conditions and fair terms of trade for small-scale farmers and workers. It is an alternative way of trading that is based on partnership, meaning we get high-quality products while the producers get a fair deal for their hard work. As consumers, we have the ability to make a difference as our buying preference sends a strong signal to large corporations. Fair Trade is about Farmers are paid a fair price which covers the cost of sustainable production and basic living standard. Farmers are encouraged to engage in sustainable farming methods by restricting GMOs and harmful pesticides. Safe working conditions. Forced child labour is strictly prohibited. Women are encouraged to take up roles in farmer groups. Farmer groups receive social premiums to invest in community development projects.

Organic Dot 有機點 

Organic Dot sells organic gvegetables, fruits, grocerties, leisture food for customers to choose a more sustainable choices. 

Kanny's Living Art Studio 

Ever thought of upcycling the bottles after consuming your favourite brew? Beer bottles, wine bottles, liquor bottles... Any glass bottles can be cut and polished to become something good-looking and useful. All hand-made, no machinery required !

Seek Health Generations

S.E.E.K offers a selection of health products & groceries including toxin-free natural home & personal care products, organic & gluten-free snacks, healthy condiments, sauces and pantry items, gluten-free grains and pastas.


Concerning our nature and carbon footprint, TOUCHWOODS believes that they create a different style of green living by introducing unique sustainable designs from all over the world, as well as their own handmade products and HK handcrafters’ eco products aligning with their philosophy – Eco - Design - Living. They offer a wide range of products, from furniture to household goods such as cutlery, handmade soaps and stationery. In the fair, they will sell tableware which is made of upcycled rice husk, recycled paper cushion, recycled paper planter pots, pallet photo frames, non-dyed towels and natural handmade soaps etc.

WWF’s Panda Shop

The Panda Shop offers a wide range of environmentally-friendly items, including household products, stationery, apparel, eco-gadgets and accessories. These items not only raise public awareness about conservation, but help integrate green living into our daily lives. All proceeds from the Panda Shop items go towards supporting WWF’s conservation and education work.