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2017.08.11 - 2017.08.24
Green O'Camp 2017

Green O’ Camp Project 2017


The new HKUST 2020 Sustainability Challenge facilitates our vision of striving to become a carbon neutral, zero waste, net positive environmental impact campus. The Challenge includes waste reduction by 50% (using 2014 as the baseline), the big student event of orientation camp is a great opportunity to educate our students and contribute to reach the goal. In 2017, we aim to organize the Greenest O’ Camp in Hong Kong with a focus on reducing disposable and say no to plastic water bottle.

  • Every society is expected NOT to order any plastic water bottle for the freshmen
  • Every society should send us one “Greenest action photo” for our big photo collage of public display to showcase our collective action. 

Green Bottle Challenge

To facilitate the promotion of Plastic Water Bottle-free Campus Campaign in the upcoming academic year, Green Bottle Challenge aims to encourage our students to bring their own water bottles and raise their awareness on the environmental impact for using the disposables.

Fill in an online application form by 30 July    

Societies are eligible for Green Bottle Challenge, and get $300 sponsorship by formulating one creative and practical Green Action that calls on reducing the use of disposables and fulfil 2 sustainability requirements (see ‘Attachment 1’).

Results will be announced through email and HKUST Sustainability Facebook Page in September. The sponsorship will be paid by cheque or autopay.  

Green O’ Camp Sponsorship

To promote sustainability among student societies to hold their activities in a sustainable manner. 


  • Excos and O’ Camp participants must like @HKUST.Sustainability on Facebook


  • Participating societies have to submit one ‘Greenest Action Photo’ taken during O’camp for Sustainability Unit to put together a Green O’ Camp photo collage for public display of collective actions.

How to get the sponsorship?

After completing the prerequisite actions, society will get the sponsorship of HK$500 and a 2-week E-board display if they are able to achieve Green Level. For Green level, society must achieve at least 20 points.


Number of green points achieved



20 or above

$500 sponsorship award for society’s green activities, highlight article in sustainability Newsletter and certificate





10 or below


 Application: Fill in the online application form by 30 July

1 August-28 August

  • Compete for the award by emailing green checklist (Attachment 1) with supporting document to by 28 August.
  • O’ Camp organizers should also provide not less than 10 photos, email announcement and/or email correspondence of the completed greens actions during the orientation camp period for approval.

How to prove that participated society has fulfilled the actions on checklist?

O’ Camps can be creative with ways to prove that they have achieved the green actions. Examples of valid proof can include photos, mass email, sponsorship list, ordered menu etc.

*** HKUST Sustainability Unit reserves the right to make the final decision.

Result announcement

To showcase the achievement of the green level societies and encourage the yellow level and red level societies to take further green actions, results and ranking will be posted on the ‘Green Notice Board’ displayed in campus public area. It will also be announced through email and HKUST Sustainability Facebook Page.

The sponsorship should be used in sustainability related activities of the societies, such as

  • purchasing beef-free or vegetarian dishes
  • buying reusable water bottles
  • producing tee-shirts that are 100% organic cotton
  • producing reusable straws
  • catering that use plates and cups that are biodegradable instead of plastic

Winning societies should submit expense receipt by end of February 2018 to get reimbursement from Sustainability Unit by cheque or autopay.

Green and Safety Ambassador(GSA)- Compulsory

To provide one point of contact from each society who will be responsible for meeting the green activities and safety requirements, the Green and Safety Ambassador from each society will join “green group” meetings, gather information, and distribute the details to members of their societies. ­


In case of large number of applicants, interviews with applicants and site visit will be conducted to check the environmental performances.­

Similar to last year, we will also be holding the O Camp Surplus Materials Recycling Activity to collect and donate unwanted O camp materials such as souvenirs and food to charities and to the Connect Program for overseas service learning trip for those in need. Collection boxes will be placed at student hall lobbies, LG4 common room entrance, LG5 student amenities (near meeting room 4), student common room 5 & 6, student common room 4 during O camp period. We will also place recycling bins for glass bottle and aluminum cans. Please encourage helpers and freshmen to recycle during the O Camp. 

Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us by email, Victor Ip,, Thank you for contributing to a sustainable campus.