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2017.02.17 - 2017.02.21
Recycling Activities of Promotion Period 2017

To encourage all societies to take actions to alleviate the waste problems on campus, the HKUST Sustainability Unit will work with the Students Affairs Office and Student Union again to assist the student societies to separate and recycle the materials from big decorations and promotion counters during the promotional period. 

There will be designated large containers to collect any dismantled and recyclable waste from the booths and decorations, which will then be given to different charities and recycling organizations. Student Societies who clean up the common room after the big decorations preparation, and complete the recycling scheme at the end of promotional period can get full refund of the "cleaning and recycling" deposit that is submitted to Student Union. 

When: 17 February and 21 February 2017 from 3pm till 10pm. 

Where: Atrium outside the Bank of East Asia

Who: Student Helpers will assist the student societies and Green Reps from each society on separating and recycling the waste materials.

What can be recycled: 

  • PAPER including cardboards
  • SOUVENIRS (stationeries, gifts)


  1. Societies and helpers should work together to separate the big decoration and promotion materials.
  2. All the materials should be clean, dry and without large plastic tapes or other non-recyclable materials.
  3. Only large and obvious plastic tape will be removed from the big decorations.



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