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2017.01.20 - 2017.02.09
Student Societies’ Promotion Period Green Activities 2017

The HKUST 2020 Sustainability Challenge facilitates our vision of striving to become a carbon neutral, zero waste, net positive environmental impact campus. The Challenge includes an operation goal- by 2020, through a combination of reductions and streamlining efforts, waste will be reduced by 50% (using 2013-14 as the baseline). Big student event of promotion period is a great opportunity for us to reduce waste and reach the goal.

By collaboration with the Students Union and Students Affair Office, the Sustainability Unit will launch several activities to encourage student societies to think and act sustainably to alleviate the waste issue.

1. Cleaning and recycling deposit: 50% of the deposit submitted to SU by student societies can be refunded after completing the recycling scheme during the promotional period with the assistance of recycling helpers.

*Clean up and recycle materials in the common room prepared for the nominated cabinet for big decoration preparation

*Disassemble and separate the big decoration and other counters' decorations on 17 Feb and/ or 21 Feb with helpers from sustainability unit for recycling.

2. Green Reps: IVP of each society will be the Green Rep and assist the society to meet the green activities requirements. Green Reps will attend the meetings, inform us the booth/decoration dismantle time and distribute information among the cabinet.

3. Green Society Promotion Awards: encourage the societies to be more environmental friendly from preparation stage, winners will receive up to $1,800 cheque for the green awards.

4. Green Event Award: encourage committee member of a student society to incorporate environmentally-friendly elements in their society's event on campus during propP, for example recycling the glass bottle/metal cans after the pub nights. The society is required to take photos and record the numbers as proof and try to implement more green elements in their events, such as encouraging event participants to BYOB (bring your own bottle) and reuse unwanted materials in creative ways, and find ways to give away unwanted materials to people who can use them. One-off allowance of $500 will be offered to participating student societies.

Society can fill in the application form by 9 Feb 2017 and submit proof to sustainability unit within seven days after the event. 


Green Society Promotion Awards


  1. Society registers the green award by 20 January 2017 (click here to apply)
  2. Submit the checklist provided by the Sustainability Unit with achieved actions by the deadline of 9 February and send to or submit in our office (Room 2004 , Lift 4)
  3. Upload photos of completed green actions on your society’s official facebook page, encourage members to like the photos and inform by 9 February.

Prize Details (a society can win more than one prize)

Participating student societies shall pledge to implement at least 15 items of the simple green actions (out of a total of 30) as listed in the Scheme checklist to make their operations and events greener during the promotional period, and report the number of actions fulfilled by 9 Feb.

Student societies will be allocated into four categories: (1) Independent Club ;(2) Sports Association and Sports Clubs ;(3) Departmental Society and (4) House Associations. Societies will only compete with other societies in the same group. Prizes will be awarded according to the number of green actions they implemented, impact and creativity.



Maximum number of awards for each category**

Prize Details

Independent Clubs***


HKD$800 cash sponsorship X 2

Sports Clubs


HKD$800 cash sponsorship


Departmental Societies


HKD$800 cash sponsorship X 2

House Associations


HKD$800 cash sponsorship


Overall Champions


HKD$1000 cash sponsorship


 For all participants

  • Get the certificate of participation

For winners

  • Highlight in sustainability channels in e-board in atrium for a week


We will look into the completed items on the checklist, promotion on society's facebook page of green action phtos, originality of new and creative green element. Interviews, site visit and secret check will be made to select winners and check on the environmental performances. Green reps should be in- charge of introducing completed green actions including the big decorations and the counter promotion.

*All the participants will receive support from the Sustainability Intern Team to help achieve the checklist items.

Application Deadline: 20 January 

Checklist Submission Deadline: 9 February

Result Announcement: 28 February 


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