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Office of the President

"As a world-class research and teaching university focusing on science and technology, HKUST contributes to sustainability through basic and applied research and undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs that train the next generation of environmentally aware leaders and thinkers. But there are many other ways in which the University community is playing its part in facing the challenges ahead. Achieving sustainable development will require great endeavor. At HKUST we do not look for the easy way out when facing a challenge. We actively apply ourselves to discovering the best solutions." - Prof Tony Chan, HKUST President

Campus Services Office (CSO)

CSO provides a wide spectrum of quality services to the campus community and manages the on-campus commercial outlets, including catering facilities, bookstore, supermarket and hair salon, as well as Unilodge, souvenir shop, university vehicles and staff bus. They work with caterers on sustainable catering operations including food waste reduction, waste recycling, food waste composting and promoting vegetarian menu.

Facility Management Office (FMO)

Since December 2007, the FMO has adopted the Gold Standard of performance under the HK-BEAM (Building Environmental Assessment Method) system as the minimum level to be achieved for green building. FMO has long been implementing various energy saving activities on campus, managing all the facilities and staff quarters, as well as recycling and waste management, horticulture and landscape. Their mission is to develop and maintain the best possible physical environment for education and research by effectively using available resources.

Health, Safety and Environment Office (HSEO)

HSEO aims to promote and help sustain health, safety and environmental protection in teaching, research, and other activities at HKUST by providing professional expertise, efficient support services and effective compliance assistance. The office programs make sure that the University's operations comply with all applicable environmental regulatory requirements. These include the monitoring of waste water and seawater discharge, hazardous waste management, air emissions and environmental noise level, among others. HSEO also manages organic farming program in LG7 lawn, chemical exchange program and ride sharing program.

Student Housing and Residential Life Office (SHRLO)

SHRLO is responsible for managing student housing and provision of assistance to students in finding off-campus accommodation. Their Live Green Living Learning Community in Hall VI engages hall student residents through organizing sustainability initiatives and activities. Hall VIII and IX received the University's first HK-BEAM certificate for achieving the green building gold standards. The office organizes recycling activities during hall check out periods every year to donate usable items to charity.

Public Affairs Office (PAO)

PAO's mission is to build bridges between the university and its constituent units, as well as with the wider community. They promote sustainability through the University publications, online platforms, events, community and media relations.