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To achieve us meet our mission, the Sustainability Unit relies on the great work of student interns. We recruit student interns in the summer and every semester. When positions open up, we post the announcements on this website (Green Jobs/Internship section) and at the HKUST Career Center Online Internship Network.  

Cheong Tsz Ki, Kiki Sustainability Intern (2015 Summer)Year 3, BBA in Economics, Minor in Mathematics

Sustainability is essential in every aspect of our lives. Working in the Sustainability unit gave me lots of opportunities to work as a Think tank. As we had to take care of different projects and events, collaboration was strongly demanded. Fortunately, Davis, Loretta and Carmen gave us high autonomy and control in implementing our projects. What I believe is, this trusting and supportive atmosphere is the core factor, which makes us actualize our potential and become a more refined and organized individual. The most inspiring lesson I learnt from this internship is to learn how to actualize what you planned. Word is always easier than action. Therefore, always think a few steps ahead of your plan will really facilitate not only your work, but also your life journey.

Lee Wing Man, Maris Sustainability Intern (2015 Summer)Year 4, BSc in Environmental Science

In recent years, I have been concerning about the environment. Not only did I try to change the lifestyle of my family, but I also encouraged my friends to be more environmentally friendly. Yet, I still wondered what else can be done. This internship provided me the answers.

In this internship, I mainly worked as a coordinator of the Gardening Club. Since it is a newly formed club, many preparation and organization works of both the orchard and the club were needed. I tried to collaborate with other green organizations, getting UST members involved, and help in creating a green and comfortable campus. I also took part in other green events such as the O’camp recycling program and food waste reduction activity. I learned more about the career perspective through this internship.

Thanks to people from the Sustainability Unit. They are really encouraging, especially when I got confused. Hope that their passion can motivate more and more UST members. Let’s grow our vibrant community together!

Liu Ka Yee, Priscilla Sustainability Intern (2015 Summer)Year 3, BSc in Environment Management and Technology

It has been my pleasure working in the Sustainability Unit and it gave me the most fruitful experience in university life. As a communication and social media intern, I had to take care of campaigns and projects and also worked on branding, promotion and social media. I have got the chance to interact with different school departments and student societies, and I realized the challenges and possibility in sustainability on campus.

I am very grateful to work with the people here. Staff are very friendly and they are really passionate about the environment. They put a lot of trust in me and gave me flexibility so that I could do my work confidently. Working with them definitely enriched my perspective towards sustainability and gave me insights into my future career.

Tsim Chiu Wing, John Sustainability Intern (2015 Summer)Year 4, BEng in Computer Science

To me, green or sustainability is a lifestyle rather than restrictions which other may consider green means using nothing. Regarding last year’s slogan of the sustainability unit, appreciation is the heart of sustainability; we can still consume food or other materials with the heart of appreciation. The key is to consume everything properly. I hope this idea would be widely spread.

I am glad to have this great opportunity to work in the sustainability unit to have a glance of people working in the green field and to have more knowledge on sustainability.

Chan Ho Yan, Cynthia Sustainability Intern (2015 Spring)Year 3, BSc in Mathematics (Option in Business and Management)

Mathematics students are not only confined to teaching or research paths! There are always endless opportunities to explore the world around us and I am pleased to have joined the Sustainability Unit to help make a difference at HKUST. My interests lie in the realm of statistical analysis and environmental protection. I am fortunate to take up the role of analyzing data, designing survey and carrying out studies on campus. This helps me understand the current situation and modify the campaigns held in the future. My work also includes updating the newsletter and reporting the recent activities at University.

Whenever I encounter difficulties, people are always willing to help and keep me on the right track. Projects will not be held successfully without the supportive staff and their genuine desire to conserve the environment. I believe that achieving sustainability is not merely about slogans and the publicity generated by environmental projects. Actions speak louder than words; build good and green habits to make HKUST a sustainable community.

Carmen Cheung Sustainability Intern (2015 Spring)Year 2, BSc in Environmental Management and Technology

It has long been my dream to work in the field of environmental protection. Sustainability Unit offered me a precious opportunity to fulfill my dream and make me grow. I am responsible for graphics design, event arrangement and promotion. From all the projects I worked on, I have gained a lot of real-life experience in promoting sustainability on campus. At the same time, I know more about my strengths and weaknesses, which help direct my future career development.

People here are so considerate, friendly and passionate about caring the environment. They provided support whenever I needed, which made me feel warm and more eager to do the best for every project. Working in the Sustainability Unit would surely be one of the most unforgettable experiences in my University life. With the efforts of other interns, I hope everyone in UST can learn to appreciate our environment.

Wong Sum Yim, Fiona Sustainability Intern (2015 Spring)Year 3, BSc in Environmental Management and Technology

Embracing sustainability is a way for me to appreciate life. It allows me to see more possibilities in the eternity and consistence in everything. It allows me to think of how to treasure things instead of discarding them. These are all why I am so eager to promote sustainability to more people and become part of Sustainability Unit to drive the goal of sustainability on campus. Let's appreciate our life more by acting sustainably!

Terence Ho Sustainability Intern (2014 Fall)Year 3, BSc in Environmental Management and Technology

As a student majoring in EVMT, I hope to implement the idea of sustainability into our daily lives and even make changes to the world. I am glad to have the opportunity being an intern under the Sustainability Unit that I can bring my knowledge into full play while at the same time contributing to the university. I help organize the student engagement activities and also the promotion of sustainability on campus. These fruitful experiences have made me become more mature and responsible. Thanks to the warm working environment with the staff and other interns, they have made my internship more meaningful and inspiring.

I hope the idea of sustainability is not only fulfilled in the university but also in the more complicated society by our bright and talented students from the Green HKUST.

Grace Lam Sustainability Intern (2014 Fall) Year 3, BSc in Environmental Management and Technology

As a student majoring in Environmental studies, I have often looked for opportunities to engage people around me to care more about the pressing environmental issues. Living in UST with its sweeping natural beauty for two years, I found that there was a lack of understanding of the campus environment from some students. I am grateful to obtain a chance to work in Sustainability Unit to engage more people in appreciating the precious environment of our campus. I am responsible for some promotions and branding work in promoting the key idea of “Appreciation is the heart of sustainability.” With the advice of the staff, I worked with other interns and shared ideas in project planning and promotion. The support and guidance from Sustainability Unit has benefited me in developing my potential, especially in design and contributing my academic knowledge to build a better UST campus.

Shirley Wong Sustainability Intern (2014 Fall)Year 3, BSc in Environmental Management and Technology

I have long been interested in different environmental issues since high school. After joining HKUST and studying in environmental management, I got more chances to learn about our world. Nevertheless, I am not satisfied with learning the theories only. I want to do something that has a real impact on people. The experience in the Sustainability Unit is memorable. I worked and helped in different activities. I am happy to see students participating and enjoying themselves! I really do hope that they are influenced by the events we held and we are continuing to build a more sustainable campus together. This job experience also nurtures my motivation for engaging in sustainability work after I graduate.

Lisa Cheng Sustainability Intern (2014 Summer)Year 3, BSc in Environmental Management and Technology

It wasn't long after I was admitted to HKUST that I discovered my interest in the environment, and especially sustainability issues. I participated in various green activities such as Grass Hour organized by EVSS and the Green Ambassador Program. To endeavor myself to contribute to society, I joined the summer internship program offered by the Sustainability Unit. During the internship, I mainly focused on branding and marketing. It was inspiring to work with the team and create various ideas and campaigns. Although the scale of work is more focused on the UST campus, I hope the message of appreciation and sustainability can reach more friends outside of UST as well.

Monica Delucia Sustainability Intern (2014 Summer)Year 3, BSc in Environmental Management and Technology

Doing an internship at Sustainability Unit was one of the greatest things to happen in my university life. I never expected to meet such warm, friendly, caring, and passionate people as I found at Sustainability Unit. Though it is considered a new department at HKUST, people who work here are really passionate about making HKUST become more sustainable in every aspect. That makes this working unit a nice and cooperative team to work with. Interns were being collaborative in helping each other and our supervisors, Davis, Loretta, and Carmen were really keen in getting quick updates so they could give positive suggestions and advice to make the interns’ work superior. The internship last summer has also given me a lot of lessons. The most important one was that I have become more flexible and adaptive when it came to the time when I had to approach other departments to collaborate with Sustainability Unit. After all, I hope the whole community of HKUST could take part in the effort of making a sustainable future of HKUST a reality.

Tommy Tong Sustainability Intern (2014 Summer)Year 3, BSc in Environmental Management and Technology

As a student majoring in Environmental Management and Technology, I always want to involve myself in building something related to sustainability and raising the environmental awareness of others. After being the president of Environment Students' Society, I realized that student groups are so limited. This internship opportunity really allowed me to work on something similar, while in a much different and larger scope.

It has been a valuable and enjoyable experience working in this Unit. I loved the passion of all the staff and interns. As a relatively new and small unit, we have set up great targets and we never give up even when we face obstacles. Working in this unit strengthened my belief in what we have been fighting for. And the best thing is even as interns, our opinions and ideas were always listened to, and we were able to propose and plan for projects that we think they could engage students in learning more about sustainability!

The most important thing I have learnt from this internship is that we have to be consistent in our work of holding engagement activities in order to get students to learn. Sooner or later, they will be able to understand and develop the habit of saving the environment. Faith and passion, are what we need most for promoting the idea of sustainability. Let's build a green HKUST together!

Tiffany Wan Sustainability Intern (2014 Summer) Year 3, BSc in Environmental Management and Technology

I feel so glad and fruitful to be an intern of sustainability unit. I was mainly responsible for marketing work, in particular managing our Facebook page. It was challenging to track students' interests and promote the sustainability news and issues, and I feel satisfied to receive good feedback from students. To write up stories for the environmental report, I did not just introduce the activities' detail, but also conducted interviews and quoted the experience shared by the participants. Apart from these, I worked with other interns to carry out O’Camp recycling activities and produced videos to promote the green facilities on campus. We have developed strong bonds and amplified the efforts.

Lam Wing Yan, Emily Sustainability Intern (2014 Spring)Year 3, BSc in Environmental Management and Technology

As a student in the Environmental program, I always seek opportunities to raise people’s awareness of sustainability and engage them to take actions. I am grateful for being given a chance to realize my goal and contribute to the school at the same time. Thanks to the trust and guidance from my colleagues, I can work on a wider range of projects than expected; from project planning to promotion. The challenges encountered during this internship have made me more mature.

To me, sustainability is not just about the environment but a balance of various aspects. Want to know more about sustainability or make HKUST a better community? You are welcome to join our activities and give us feedback.

Ng Cheuk Wing, Charmaine Sustainability Intern (2014 Spring)Year 2, BBA in Marketing and Information System

I remember when I was young, I used to want to be a scientist and save the world. But as I grew older, this childhood “dream” of mind got lost in the realities of life– the studying, the need for a stable career, and so on. Now, I have finally been given the opportunity to work towards this childhood dream, albeit it being on a much, much, much smaller scale, of course. Though my efforts in this program will be more local, I hope that the message it brings will spread throughout our community, such as readers like you, and hopefully create a positive ripple effect!

Wong Sze Po Olivia Sustainability Intern (2014 Spring)Year 2, Bachelor of Business Administration

As a 4-Year program BBA student, a longer university life allows me to equip myself with more different experiences. This year, I decided to gain my business experience in other interested area, Marketing and Environmental Protection. Therefore, I joined the school’s Sustainability Unit as an Intern.

I am responsible for online marketing, events promotion and graphics design. Thanks to the high degree of flexibility and support provided by the Sustainability Unit, I can always put my creative ideas into actions. I have learnt lots of real – life marketing situation through all these projects.

Since HKUST has been providing me with great resources, I wish to contribute to the school by influencing the UST members to build a sustainable green campus together.

I am a passionate environmental lover. I realized the significance of conserving our environment when I was small and I attempted to practice “green” lifestyle in daily life. However, individual power is insufficient to change our campus. I hope our concerted efforts can make our campus more dynamic and sustainable.

KAM Tsun Ka, Jamie
Year 3, BSc in Environmental Management and Technology