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To achieve us meet our mission, the Sustainability Unit relies on the great work of student interns. We recruit student interns in the summer and every semester. When positions open up, we post the announcements on this website (Green Jobs/Internship section) and at the HKUST Career Center Online Internship Network.


Cheng Lam Hoi, Brian Sustainability Intern (2018 Summer) Year 1, BSc in Environmental Management & Technology

In the Sustainability Unit, I was given a valuable chance to plan and carry out a campaign on the campus. With the support from the helpful and nice staff and students here, the Green O’Camp Campaign was completed successfully. By interacting with different parties in the campaign, I understand the needs and concerns of different people. This inspired me to evaluate the public acceptance on green measures and the effectiveness of promoting sustainability that’s really worth pondering and exploring.

Once again, I am grateful for working in this team. They put a lot of trust in me and allowed flexibility so that I could work confidently. Their passion towards the environment gave me insights and undoubtedly enriched my university life.

Hui Yiting Sustainability Intern (2018 Summer) Year 4, BSc in Environmental Management & Technology

Working as an intern in summer, 2018 in Sustainability Unit is one of the best choices I have made during my undergraduate study. Once I started working for HKUST Sustainability Unit, I felt that a sense of common passion motivated me continuously to enhance sustainability in HKUST campus, and that is also why I determined to continue working as a part-time intern in fall term, 2018 as well. There are projects of all aspects which are related to environmental protection and sustainable development in this office, engaging HKUST students, staff, and community. By being involved in these projects, I have learned more about personal behavioral changes and how to apply sustainable concepts pragmatically. It is also my great pleasure to see plastic reduction policies take effect in all canteens on campus in my last year in HKUST. I greatly appreciate the precious opportunity to work in Sustainability Unit and contribute my bit to paving way for a greener UST!

Yuen Ho Yin, Robert Sustainability Intern (2018 Summer) Year 4, BSc in Environmental Science

To be a science student, it is obvious that I might have the knowledge and skills to deal with our environment, but it is an entirely different story to make our campus more sustainable and the hands on experience to work with different people towards a same sustainable goal this internship provided is invaluable.

At the Sustainability Unit, I am involved in working with various people: the kind unit members, university staffs during office auditing, passionate students in the green team or as student helpers, caterers on food waste and even electronics recyclers. It is the will of these people that drives others and the campus towards sustainability and now I can proudly say I am one of them.

The keyword in sustainable development is “people” as Davis said during my interview. Pursuing sustainability is ultimately for the people and it is by cooperation and effort of the people to reach that vision and my internship is the perfect demonstration of the idea.

Wong Ching Fung, Janice Sustainability Intern (2017 Fall) Year 4, BSc in Environmental Management & Technology

Working here is like an environmentalist’s dream come true. As a strong believer in both business and sustainability, I love how Sustainability Unit functions like a mini environmental consultant/marketer, perfect for business-minded and creative students who wants to stretch their potentials with the oh-so-businessy stakeholder engagement and strategy or creative work like marketing campaigns and even actual campus betterment. It’s true sustainability sounds grand and altruistic, but the essence of incorporation and recognition of incentive-driven human nature are more important for realistic changes.

I’m very lucky to have tasted the best of both sides. I got to carry out a plastic-bottle free campaign when I was in year 2. In year 3, I got to help out in green office program and some another marketing plans. Hands-on projects are the best way to learn about management and your own abilities but not everyone trusts a student enough. All along, Professor Davis, Loretta and Denise have supported all student helpers and interns including myself with autonomy to let us do it our ways. I have witnessed how hard they have worked in driving sustainability in HKUST. My greatest gratitude and admiration go to them!

Chan Tsui Ling, Diamond Sustainability Intern (2017 Fall) Year 4, BSc in Environmental Management & Technology

'Once the things start, you just can't manage to stop them.' It is a statement for depicting the change of the environment, as well as the office life I have experienced in Sustainability Unit. I have never thought of working in a unit for almost one year as an intern but what urged me to do so was the passion for making a little change on our campus from my colleagues and managers. Works can be boring even though the nature of the job is associated with your ambition and vision. What I have learned here was the importance of being willing to keep exploring every single chance to express your idea and enthusiasm, which will, sooner or later, lead you to the ideal position that you have always been dreamt of.

Ching Weng Ni Sustainability Intern (2017 Fall) Year 4, BSc in Chemistry

The past one year working as an intern at HKUST sustainability unit was definitely one of the best decisions that I've made throughout my entire university life. I've learned so much about how people's actions, even if it's just minor ones, has the ability to bring major and positive change in our environment. Although it was a short time being an intern, but being able to witness HKUST going plastic bottled water free before I graduate feels extremely good! Thank you for having me, for I have gained so much this year!

Lai Man Po, Bobo Sustainability Intern (2017 Fall) Year 2, BSc in Environmental Management & Technology

I enjoyed the time here a lot! The colleagues here are so nice and helpful. Being the intern in Sustainability Unit allows me to carry out real campaigns in the campus. Through the Green Pro-P and No Straw Week, I understand more about the general students’ awareness and behavior in environmental protection. This inspired me to work even harder to promote sustainability in our university and the society. Everyone of us has the power to make a change. Let’s join the force and pave way to a greener UST!

This is my final year of studies in HKUST. However, I found myself contributed nothing here. I really hope that I could leave some special memories here in HKUST. Being Eco-rep not only can I fulfill my dream, but also promote sustainability in HKUST.

TSE Hon Ming, Mick
BEng in Mechanical Engineering