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To achieve us meet our mission, the Sustainability Unit relies on the great work of student interns. We recruit student interns in the summer and every semester. When positions open up, we post the announcements on this website (Green Jobs/Internship section) and at the HKUST Career Center online Internship Network.  


Jasmin Cengeloglu Sustainability Intern (2017 Summer) Year 3, BSc in Environmental Management & Technology

Sustainability to me is being able to solve complex and multidisciplinary 21st century problems with the efforts of different stakeholder. Being sustainable relies within one’s morality. This summer, as an intern at the sustainability unit, as I was able to experience this first-hand. I was able to work with a group of students who are passionate about sustainability and was able to contribute to sustainability initiatives and projects on the HKUST campus. I hope my small contribution at the sustainability unit can help other students realize the importance of campus sustainability.

Turzo Bose Sustainability Intern (2017 Summer) Year 2, BEng in Chemical and Environmental Engineering

One of the most useful thing I did this summer was being a part of the Sustainability Unit of HKUST. Time and over, we have come across this term in our academic life. However, I was always amazed at how little was actually being done. This internship not only provided me with the opportunity to work towards making our campus more sustainable, but also helped me discover my passion for the environment, as much as declaring a minor in environmental engineering. Being a Green Lab Intern, I was provided with a wonderful opportunity to blend the material that I learnt in class with new skills that I acquired during the internship to solve a real-life problem. I was blessed to have a vibrant and cheerful team to work with. Last but definitely not the least, the experience would not have been so valuable without the constant support from Loretta, Denise and Davis. Thank you all for the wonderful experience.

Ip Wing To Victor Sustainability Intern (2017 Summer) Year 2, BSc in Environmental Management & Technology

This summer internship at Sustainability Unit was definitely the greatest thing that happened in my university life! As a student majoring in Environmental Management and Technology (EVMT), I always want to apply what I have learnt into something more practical. Sustainability Unit gave me precious opportunities to work out the concept of sustainability. This internship also broadened my career horizons. I was mainly responsible for marketing work, in particular designing posters and organising green student activity. Although it was challenging to promote sustainability through a short period of activity, it is grateful to receive positive feedback from student as our efforts are being recognised.

Yau Hiu Shuen Natalie Sustainability Intern (2017 Summer) Year 1, BSc in Environmental Science

Sustainability cannot be achieved by a group of passionate people solely but the entire humanity. The matter is whether there is a pioneer who is willing to take the lead and motivate others to be their followers, that is the Sustainability Unit in HKUST. Doing internship in Sustainability Unit is far more than I expected. It is beyond doubt a valuable opportunity for you to get a better understanding on the wastage problem in UST. The data regarding the paper, straw and plastic consumption that I have collected prompts me to make changes in my lifestyle. From organizing different gardening workshops and on-campus campaigns to participating in different cross-departmental meetings, the tasks provided me a different perspective on how different departments are working together to create a green and sustainable campus.

Yeung Choi Ying Marian Sustainability Intern (2017 Summer) Year 2, BSc in Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Being an intern in the Sustainability Unit was definitely one of the greatest experience in my University life. I am so grateful to have cooperated with all the interns and our supervisors, Davis, Loretta and Denise, who always listened to our opinions and showed support to our crazy thoughts. Under their guidance, I was given many opportunities to work with different departments or companies to improve the sustainability performance of the campus. Throughout the 3-month internship program, the wide variety of projects, ranging from event implementation to promotion, has equipped me with new technical skills, including logistics management, video editing and photoshop skills. It is really my honour to have contributed towards green campus development, and seeing more and more students and staff devoting their time and efforts to make our campus more sustainable.

Rinaldi Gotama Sustainability Intern (2017 Spring)Year 4, BSc in Biological Sciences

Sustainability should not be just a concept, but a way of life in this era. When our water becomes more toxic, our air more polluted, and our flora and fauna more diminished, we have to be more careful on our way of life. Turn off unused electronics, eat cleaner, recycle your trash, and do not condone the use of palm oil in your food products - always check your labels! Being an Green Labs intern in the Sustainability Unit has let me expand my knowledge about sustainability not only in the research industry, but also in many other aspects of life. I am glad to have spent my time with such friendly and warm people here, who have made me feel secure and comfortable in my workplace.

Chan Yik Chun Jacky Sustainability Intern (2017 Spring)MSc in Environmental Science and Management

I have been in love with gardening since secondary school. That’s why I applied for this internship program instantly to be a part of HKUST’s gardening club and I made it! This internship program included a wide range of duties, from taking good care of organic farm in LG7, to organizing the environment week activities; from taking good care of the organic fertilizers production from organic waste, to organizing gardening activities. With no doubts, this is one of my greatest working experiences of all time, with passionate colleagues and teammates. This program encouraged me to engage myself into environmental field in the future. We, as a part of the HKUST community, should all commit ourselves to environmental issues like waste reduction, energy saving by changing our lifestyles and we can absolutely do way beyond what we have been doing to save this wonderful planet. All in all, this is an excellent program for all environmental enthusiasts, especially to those who are in love with gardening and horticulture. I definitely encourage all students to be part of the HKUST Sustainability Unit, to spread the ‘sustainability’ culture within this school. I shall be grateful to be a part of it once in my journey at HKUST.

Poon Maan Ki Katie Sustainability Intern (2017 Spring)Year 4, BSc in Global China Studies

This internship truly broadened my career horizons. I was given chances to involve in a wide variety of projects ranging from conducting waste audit, taking part in daily operational management to holding large scale student societies recycling activities. This internship provided me many interesting but challenging hands-on experience. Other than new found technical knowledge I gained from various given tasks, this internship also sharpened my interpersonal skills as cross-departmental communication and meetings are always required! As an environmental optimist, I am so glad to be part of the team and play a role in promoting HKUST sustainability.

Shiu Hoi Yin Karlie Sustainability Intern (2017 Spring)Year 4, BBA (MARK, MGMT, ENTR)

Turning unwanted animal bedding into some useful composite and conducting waste audits by sorting trash, coordinating the gardening club and sticking signage on bins... Sustainability is actually much more intriguing when we get our hands dirty! This internship is far more intriguing than what I expected. Rarely would a business student get the chance to put on protective wear. From the hands-on experiences to participating in the plastic water bottle free campaign, designing a poster for the new sustainability-related course, locating and distributing recycling bins, and contributing in the food waste collection trial. The variety of work offered here never gets you bored. Differ from other departments, the Sustainability Unit is the change initiator, resistance comes with every new action but that is where the challenge lies on. Join us if you share the same vision!

Sin Wai Yin, Sammy Sustainability Intern (2016 Fall)Year 4, BEng in Civil Engineering

To me, sustainability is not solely a concept but also to be realized with various possibilities in the form of space, innovations and lifestyles. My interest in issues relating to the environment and community lead me to be one of the Interns here where I could be involved in different sustainability projects and research on campus.

I feel grateful for the opportunity to take part in a broad range of interesting duties, to communicate and interact with different parties and to work with a group of people sharing the same passion and putting sustainability into real actions. Equipping myself with better skills and experience, I really enjoy the time in the Sustainability Unit, to do what I love and love what I do.

Xu Shiyao Sustainability Intern (2016 Fall)Year 4, BSc in Environmental Management and Technology

Sustainability is not just about doing simple recycling and turning off the light, but promoting a win-win solution for human activities and environmental conservation. It is a great opportunity to be an intern in sustainability unit to get involved in daily operational projects to provide innovative solutions for university sustainability. We can find sustainability in almost all the locations in UST, such as LSK, Computer Barn, Laboratory and even the Congregation Ceremony! Every small effort counts and from the sustainability report, we know we are improving by the performance data. Sustainability unit is a warm place that you can always share your opinions about sustainability and be carefully heard. When your suggestion becomes reality, you can get great sense of belongings and achievement.

Yeung Chun Chung Richard Sustainability Intern (2016 Fall)Year 3, BSc in Environmental Science

I believe there is still a long way to go for the human civilization and our campus to become truly sustainable. In my view, the key transition we have to make is to reconnect ourselves with Nature, not alienating from it. In my philosophy, understanding opens the door of love. Only when people know about Nature sufficiently, will they love and live with it in harmony. With this in mind, it is essential to accumulate knowledge and experience in order to effectively and responsibly educate people to think "Nature". This is why I devote myself to become a researcher and an educator. In addition, gardening (growing food) is an easy-entry, outdoor and intriguing activity that can allow any person of any age to get in touch with Nature directly (and literally to get a bite of the "energy" you and Nature spent together afterward). It is indeed a great experience to be a gardening and landscape coordinator in this semester. I learn a lot and made a lot of friends and the most important thing is, I get a chance to contribute through my thought and action. Nonetheless, the world is big, my sole effort is definitely not enough. I strongly encourage people to become part of this Human-Nature reconnection endeavor.

With my dream of being an urban planner, sustainability is one of the criteria that I always have to be aware of. To make every student enjoy the environment here and cherish what God offers us. I believe we, the Eco-reps, can boost the level of sustainability of HKUST in the coming year!

CHAN Yin Cheung, Eric
BEng in Industrial Engineering and Logistic Management