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20 HKUST UGs and PGs students are selected as the Eco-reps of the Sustainable Campus Leadership Program every year. They will design and undertake hands-on green campus projects to improve the sustainable performance of our campus during the academic year.

Aggarwal Ashish Kumar Year 3, BEng in Computer Science

Water. What was once an essential part of healthy living, access to clean water has become a luxury only a select few can afford. Urban Population, per capita consumption is increasing every day, water resources and availability is going down and water pollution is on the up. If one looks at the condition of water resources, the message is clear: We must do something and we must do it now. However, there is a certain lack of urgency when it comes to water conservation. I hope by participating in this program I can help not only raise awareness but also develop effective, sustainable and scalable solutions for the problem.

Chu Wing Yin Fion Year 3, BSc in Environmental Science

In Hong Kong society, people only focus on money, money and money… The natural environment is damaged because of the selfishness of human. People care about their own interest but neglect to strike a balance between development and environmental protection. Being an Eco-Rep is a very precious chance for me to voice for the environment and arouse attention around the campus, driving more and more people to care about sustainability. I hope my passion will not only help spread the message of sustainability to my surrounding people, but also the whole campus!

Duan Chih Kang Year 1, BBA in Global Business

Hi, I’m Duan Chih Kang, it’s ok that you can’t pronounce my name, just call me Justin. I’m from Taiwan, currently still exploring HK, make sure you bring me on if you are heading any interesting place in HK, just show me around. I hope Hong Kong government can put more emphasis on sustainability, since it really surprises me that a high-developed place like Hong Kong is still using styrofoam, which is one of the least environment-friendly materials you can think of. I joined this program in the wish of promoting this idea as well as to enrich myself, to expand my horizon by exchanging my idea with my future teammate. Hopefully I will gain more experience and get to know some interesting people!

Sonia Huberta Year 1, BBA Undeclared

Last year in high school, my English teacher made the class watch ‘The Inconvenient Truth’. That moment truly ’switched’ my sense of awareness on all the pollution, littering, excessive wastage and global warming happening in the world. I feel like humanity is constantly taking everything they can from Planet Earth and what humans do to alleviate the losses are definitely not close to enough. As a rational and educated college student, I think that it is part of my responsibility to act upon this everlasting and inevitable problem that is environmental destruction. An obvious start was to take part in the change of my own community, so I signed up in my school’s ‘Go Green Club’ which was the beginning of my ‘eco-journey’. Entering college, it is undoubtedly a must for me to also be the environmental change I want to see in Campus, which is why I am now in UST’s Eco-reps Sustainable Program. I am currently working on Food Waste Recovery and Disposal.

Hui Chi Yuen Year 1, BSc in Environmental Management and Technology

I enjoyed outdoor activities and I hope that the future generation could also enjoy getting close with nature. Therefore, I'm always aware of the importance of sustainability. I believe that sustainability is not something big, rather, it's something closely related to our daily life. I joined this program in hopes of learning and contributing more to a sustainable campus, and perhaps to inspire more fellow schoolmates to live out a sustainable lifestyle. Only by working together we could create a better world.

Hui Yiting Year 2, BSc in Environmental Management and Technology

I enrolled in the eco-reps program for year 2016-2017 and our group’s project focuses on promoting rechargeable batteries charged by solar power. I sincerely hope that our campus can rely more on renewable energy and minimize waste. I am so happy to have committed groupmates who share the same goal with me. I do hope our project could make some differences to the campus, but what I will enjoy more is the process.

Yam Hung Year 4, BSc in Environmental Science

Aspired by the beauty of the nature, I chose the pathway in studying environmental science. I want to contribute myself from what I have learnt in these years back to conserving the environment and achieving better sustainability between our daily lives and the environment. Facing the ocean with hills on the other side, HKUST has nice natural resources with great scenery. While we do not know how to appreciate it, I hope, through this programme, I can influence people to have a sense on conserving this beautiful nature.

Asad Iqbal Year 3, PhD of Environmental Engineering

I graduated as an Agricultural Engineer from High School, then I did Master in Natural Resource Management in my country Pakistan. I chose Environmental Engineering here in HKUST because it gives better understanding and solutions for sustainable development of our living. Now one of the main reasons behind my passion about sustainability is that I believe, we as human are supposed to do better for the whole ecosystem but instead, we are responsible for doing many damages to it. Also sustainability to me is about thinking smart then why not to be as smart as we can, by practicing it. By taking part in this program, I expect to learn how things work out of the books and practice some sustainable activities physically for our community, and also to put my contributions up to some extent in this globally required effort.

Kwok Man Chun Nathan Year 2, BSc in Environmental Management and Technology

One of the main reasons I am passionate about the environment is that I was alarmed by the fact that if we keep on depleting the finite resources in the world and polluting this beautiful landscape but do nothing about it, the environment we live in will become harsher and harsher. I cannot imagine one day, surface dweller on earth will have to live underground. Therefore I major in EVMT which I hope one day I can inspire more people to integrate development with sustainability. Becoming an Eco Rep has given me a chance to really work on a real sustainability project on campus and really make an impact on campus.

Lai Ka Man, Karen Year 4, BSc in Environmental Management and Technology

Sustainable development is the future trend and many corporations and organizations had already paid more attention to sustainability such as increasing the energy efficiency and also the waste management. As a final year student studying in environmental management, I hope to seize this chance to raise the environmental awareness among the students in campus by joining Eco-rep. Not only I can meet a group of passionate students towards the environment, but I can also carry out a sustainable campus project on our own to spread the environmental messages to HKUST community. On top of these, I believe that this program would give me insights for my future prospect.

Lai Man Po, Bobo Year 1, BSc in Environmental Management and Technology

I love nature. Being raised in New Territories with my cats and dogs, I developed strong passion on the environment. As I grow up, I understand more about how human activities affect the earth. Mother Nature provides a lot of resources for human being. With well resources management, I believe mankind could enjoy sustainable social and economic development while at the same time conserve the environment. I am eager to persuade a greener UST in this program and expand the green idea throughout the campus, and our city. Let’s build a greener and brighter future together!

Leung Ka Man Year 4, BSc in Environmental Science

This is my final year in UST. As an environmental lover, I look for every opportunity to contribute to the environment and the community. I am really glad that I can grab the last chance as a student in UST to join the Eco-rep program to do something to transform UST campus into a more sustainable one. I look forward to working with different people and sharing our views towards sustainability.

Li Tze Shan Year 2, BBA

Back in the secondary school day, Geography has always been my favourite subject. I have learnt a lot of ‘best practices’ for making our planet a better place for the nature and the humankind, but I also realize that it is easier said than done. Recalling my previous travelling experience, sometimes I was impressed by sustainability innovations in other countries, and people really integrate sustainability into their daily life, which is a strong contrast to Hong Kong.

Then I asked myself: ‘Why is there such difference?’ ‘Can I be the one who make a change?’ I have been working in the Geography and Conservancy Society in my alma mater to promote sustainability, and now I very glad to extend my footsteps in university as an Eco-Rep. I look forward to working with other like-minded students, and hope we can eventually make a green impact on the HKUST community.

Ling Zhiheng Year 2, BSc in Environmental Science

I have formed awareness of environmental protection since a very young age, and I am always actively seeking chances to contribute my values to the environment. Thankfully, I seized the opportunity to become an Eco-Rep, which allowed me to do something for the environment in a bigger scale. I believe that people's awareness is the biggest obstacle of environmental conservation. Through this program, I hope to convert the concept of environmental protection into a lifestyle, demonstrate to people that environmental protection is inseparable from our life. A small change in behavior can create a big difference in the environment. Let's take action now!

Yashna Manglani Year 3, BBA in Operations Management and Marketing

I’ve always been the person who won't want to throw a piece of paper or plastic bottle directly into the bin. I’m the person who will hold on to these items and wait until I find a place where I can recycle them to make sure that nothing goes to waste. Having grown up in The Netherlands and spending lots of time outdoors, I’ve come to realise the importance and the responsibility that we have, to take care of our surroundings and put a stop to the harm we are causing our environment. It is said that “the greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it”. It’s important to see that if everyone contributes even in the smallest way, we can help make a difference together, and I see the Eco-reps program as the perfect opportunity to bring about a significant change.

Hyo Koung Shin, Sarah Year 1, BEng

As an aspiring chemical engineer, there is nothing more I want to do than developing renewable, self-sustaining systems to generate energy for our world to use. It's no secret that people live longer. Therefore, sustainable development is very important. If energy continues to be generated by finite fossil fuels, instead of sustainable resources, the environmental damage will eventually lead to a catastrophe. I joined this program because I wanted to explore all the different aspects of sustainability. I wanted to make a difference and take action to change our world for the better. I'll start with changing myself, then the campus and hopefully, the world.

George William Stevens Year 3, Exchange from University of Manchester studying International Management

In a speech by John Kennedy, he stated how the current economic system had ‘surrendered personal excellence and community values for the material accumulation of wealth’. Although this statement is slightly dated, it can still be applied to the philosophy of modern society. The actions that we take today will shape the future of many generations to come. Therefore, as individuals and communities, it is our responsibility to change our current ways and become more sustainable. By becoming an eco-rep, I am able to start applying my academic learning to complex problems that the world is facing.

Sun Yimeng Year 2, BEng in Computer Science

Born and raised in Beijing, I have witnessed the contamination and how people are suffering from it. It could have been splendid on account of the renowned cultural heritages yet it is now blanket with the choking smog. Whenever I tell people where my hometown is, they would ask, "do you have to wear a mask?" That is one of the reasons I am determined to join this program. Though my major seems to be irrelevant, I feel like every individual, as a pivotal part of this planet's ecosystem, should take the responsibility and unite to combat environmental problems. As an eco-rep, I feel honored to help our campus make differences. I would keep being a conservationist at the same time. Thanks to this program and the friends I have met here, I have realized that even simple actions can make real differences.

Tam King Yiu Ian Year 1, Postgraduate in Environmental Engineering and Management

Hi, my name is Ian. I finished a degree in Civil Engineering and I am now doing a master degree in Environmental Engineering and Management. Many friends, colleagues and even my family asked me why I changed education path from civil engineering to environmental engineering. There is only one reason, it is challenging and I like it. It is easy to build things up, however it is difficult to avoid imposing impact to the environment at the same time. I would like to take the role on protecting our living environment and the Earth, and spend my work life on it. As an Eco-Rep, I expect that I can gain some practical experience on building green facilities.

Wong Ching Fung Janice Year 2, BSc in Environmental Management and Technology

To me, nothing is more challenging and rewarding than applying what I have learnt from books and lectures into something tangible. As my major combines environmental science and business skills, the leadership program gives me the perfect opportunity to utilize both fields of knowledge. Simply I believe sustainability is not just about science but also our people. Sustainability is such a big thing now because we have lived so unsustainably in the past decades. If every one of us believes in our own strength of making a change, we will make a change. I am honored to carry out and lead projects with my fellow teammates that enhance our campus’ sustainability, and hopefully, create Hong Kong’s most sustainable campus. A little bit about myself is I enjoy being in a natural environment and I love movies and hamsters.

Yeung Choi Ying, Marian Year 2, BSc in Life Science

I am so thankful to have lived in HK, where natural resources like clean water are easily accessible. In the meantime, I feel guilty for being a selfish human by living a pleasant lifestyle but ignoring the roars and tears of the nature. This thought has driven me to make contribution to our earth. Yet I understand how small and insignificant I am that it is impossible to make great changes. So, it is great to have this program that gathers people with same passion. Let’s build up a more sustainable campus and raise awareness in the community!

Avinash Vinod Bharwaney Year 1, BBA

One of the main reasons behind my strong belief for maintaining a sustainable lifestyle and encouraging to follow suit is because it is a need. I believe it is our duty; our responsibility as mankind is to take care of this beautiful world and preserve it so that future generations can also appreciate its beauty. “Yesterday, you said tomorrow”. The great thing about the Eco-rep program is that we are pushed to actually plan and execute something concrete and tangible. We aren’t just talking, but we’re getting down and dirty, creating and doing and learning along the way. In my spare time, I play the guitar, listen to music, eat a lot of food and chill with friends and family.

Chew Shen Ean Pheodora Year 2, World Bachelor in Business

I am a Year 2 World Bachelor in Business student from Singapore, who will complete a bachelor’s degree in Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Milan. I have taken a keen interest in green initiatives and sustainable developments since my summer internship with a company that offered nanomaterials as a solution to eradicating the use of bleach and detergents to sanitize and disinfect surfaces. This was further inspired by the green developments in Singapore, where green buildings are being built to reduce the need for air-conditioning and artificial lighting. I am looking forward to promoting sustainable developments in HKUST with my team mates in the Sustainable Campus Leadership Program.

Chiu Yin Shan Year 3, BBA in Information Systems and Operations Management

Environmental conservation may not be the top concern for everyone, how about happiness? When we ponder it over, we will realize that a simple lifestyle with a grateful heart is the key to both.

Society is not something we could control individually, yet at the same time it is shaped by our collective behaviours. If all of us recognize the urgency of conservation and simply use less resource in daily life, we will create a butterfly effect and enjoy a sustainable society.

I am proud of our school's goal of becoming a green campus. Let us unite together and drive its success! Feel free to share with us your thoughts and insights.

Cho Tze Hei, Felix Year 1, BSc in Science

As a local student who has spent his entire life on this modern island named Hong Kong, I do understand how wasteful we had been, not only as a HongKonger, but also as a global citizen from the developed country. Our civilization enjoys the seemingly free fruits of Mother Nature for the past centuries, but this exploitation of resources eventually come to a price, which might eventually cost everything around us. There is definitely something we can do to prevent this from happening, and all this start from living sustainably to conserve the invaluable resources. Our university, known for her strength in science and technology, can undoubtedly act as the experimental ground for us to test on our ideas and benefit not just our campus but also elsewhere in the world. That's why I join eco-reps :)

Chow Cheuk Man, Janice Year 2, BSc in Environmental Management and Technology

I am always hoping to make my city more sustainable. Since nowadays, we are using much more resources than our only Earth has. This arouses my concern on whether we can fully utilize the precious resources and how we can reduce the use of them. Changing the mindset and behavior of people around the world and arousing their awareness towards sustainability is a progressive task. The first step is to "Think global and act local". Therefore, I seize this opportunity to make my campus more sustainable by being an Eco Rep. Also, I believe this is a valuable experience for me to explore my strengths and weaknesses, and learn from peers who are also passionate about sustainability.

Andrea Beatriz Hernández Reyes Year 1, BEng in Engineering

I am from El Salvador, a small but beautiful country in Central America. Being raised in a country with beautiful landscapes and see how it was becoming very polluted generated my interest in joining environmental causes from a very young age. I am happy to be part of the Sustainable Campus Leadership Program because I believe big changes can be made when everyone makes a little contribution. This program will give me the opportunity to put some ideas into action next to people that share the same passion as me and help spread the green attitude amongst HKUST students.

Kam Tsun Ka, Jamie Year 2 BSc in Environmental Management and Technology

I am a passionate environmental lover. I realized the significance of conserving our environment when I was small and I attempted to practice “green” lifestyle in daily life. Being an Eco-rep not only can I turn HKUST to be a sustainable campus, but also gaining hands on experience in carrying out a large-scale project. However, individual power is insufficient to change our campus. I hope our concerted efforts can make our campus more dynamic and sustainable.

Varna Kanungo Year 3, BBA in Marketing and Information Systems

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Earth provides enough to satisfy everyone’s needs not everyone’s greed.” This quote rings with truth even today and has stayed with me for a long time. My passion to contribute towards the well-being of the Earth and making it more sustainable has led me to join this program. It is an excellent platform to discuss, collaborate and implement the ideas for a more “green” future for our society. “Every drop of water makes the ocean” and I am looking forward to contribute my share towards HKUST’s sustainability ventures and make a difference.

Lam Pui Yiu, Cristal Year 1, BSc in Science

Sustainable development is about "striking balance" which is also a big topic that concerns everyone. Joining as Eco-Rep is a golden chance for me to gain more insight of this issue. I am passionate about building a sustainable campus and I'm willing to commit more time and effort and fully-utilize my potential. Every little step can be an evolution. The key to success of green campus projects is not only about good concrete proposal, but also the power to change the deep-rooted thinking such as "everyone's matter is nobody's matter". Only if a project can arouse people's attention to make some changes, albeit the effort being a small one, the green campus project will be something more than a plan.

Veronica Qin Ting Li Year 1, BSc in Science

Since a very young age, I have been aware of the importance of environmental protection. At one point, I wanted to stop being part of the problem, and start being part of the solution. Being an Eco-Rep will allow me to take action on a larger scale than anything I have done before. Through this program, I hope to make a positive difference at HKUST, while setting the foundation for my sustainability-related career. Let us all take a step towards a brighter, greener future!

Stephan Llerena Year 2, World Bachelor in Business

Stephan Llerena is a Los Angeles native and a member of the World Bachelor in Business program. Raised by Ecuadorean-American parents, he speaks Spanish and French, spending much of his childhood summers in Ecuador, where he developed a love for nature. At the University of Southern California, he was a Los Angeles Community Impact consultant and consulted for Green Dot Public Schools. At HKUST, through the Ecoreps program, Stephan hopes to reduce water consumption by changing current infrastructure and unsustainable behavior within the community. Stephan aspires to pursue international or environmental law, consulting, or the nonprofit sector to fight for social justice, environmental conservation, and increased global access to education.

Lo Ka Man Year 3, BSc in Environmental Science

As a student majoring in Environmental Science, I often look for opportunities to engage people around me to care more about the pressing environmental issues. With faith and passion, it is my dream to become an Eco-Rep to promote sustainability to more people on campus. For me, this is a valuable chance to take the first step towards sustainability vision as HKUST 2020 Sustainability Challenge, and help create a community-oriented Sustainability Network, and put efforts on resource reductions in energy, greenhouse gases & waste. I am so glad to be Eco-Rep and now my dream comes true!

Poon Tsz Kiu Year 1, BBA

I was attracted by the program soon when I read the recruitment email. Since I was young, I have been passionate about environmental protection. Therefore, during my high school, I have engaged in a great variety of environmental-related activities, and I have learnt a lot from my science electives. However, I have never had a chance to put those knowledge into practice. Being an Eco-rep, I am very glad to receive this valuable opportunity and I am eager to transform HKUST into a more sustainable campus. I have not implemented such a large-scale of project so I am looking forward to it.

Shi Chi Chun, Jeffrey Year 2, BSc in Environmental Management and Technology

To promote the sense of environmental protection, I joined Eco-rep for making some differences in HKUST. I hope that Eco-reps' impacts are far-reaching; the future HKUST students can see our efforts several years later. I am glad to make new friends who have the same goal. I am glad to see our creative ideas being achieved. I am glad to be an Eco-rep!

Matthew Shum Year 3, BSc in Environmental Management and Technology

“We are not saving the Earth, but our life instead.” This is the quote I heard from a professor here. Environmental problems have become a ticking time bomb to detonate for human civilization. As a student of environment studies, I can let my actions speak louder than my thoughts by undertaking hands-on green projects here. Winston Churchill once said, “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” In pursuit of making our world a better place to live, your little step forward, for sure, will be counted.

Avinash Singhal Year 1, MSc in Civil Infrastructural Engineering and Management

When the well is dry then we look for water. When the tree is burnt then we look for oxygen. When the lands are occupied then we look for shelter. Sustainable development is not about one’s passion, it is a mission for the mankind to save earth and to think about the wellbeing of generations to come and being an Eco Rep I got this opportunity to work towards the dream of a 100% Sustainable world.

Tam Hiu Yu Christy Year 1, BBA

Steve Jobs once said, “Right now is one of those moments when we are influencing our future.” As a student, with neither huge financial power nor political influence, I still insist on seeking ways to make contribution, large and small. Although this is just my first year in HKUST, I hope I can play a part in creating a sustainable campus. It may be just a drop in the ocean, yet I will not refrain from doing so just because it seems insignificant. Every little effort counts.

Tse Hon Ming, Mick Year 4, BEng in Mechanical Engineering

This is my final year of studies in HKUST. However, I found myself contributed nothing here. I really hope that I could leave some special memories here in HKUST. Being Eco-rep not only can I fulfill my dream, but also promote sustainability in HKUST. Till now, not much concepts of sustainability had been promoted. As a leading university in Asia, HKUST should take initiative in green development. Probably eco-rep is the program to start with.

Wang Hao Heng Year 2, BBA

I am a business student who has totally no idea what my business-related skills or knowledge could be applied to HKUST Sustainability until I actually participated in this program. I can as a result guarantee that no matter what you are major in or how terrible your GPA is, there is always at least a field you would contribute yourself to our projects. So don't be afraid my friend, please get ready to learn something you would never imagine. Let's brainstorm the most brilliant ideas and gear up for sustainable actions, creating a better tomorrow for HKUST, for the world.

Siwei Xue Year 1, MSc Environmental Science and Management

I am Siwei Xue. I am passionate about environmental management. In the Sustainable Campus Leadership Program, I am glad to see that I have the opportunity to promote the continual improvement of the environmental performance of HKUST campus by enrolling in well managed projects with achievable visions. As a postgraduate, I hope that my experience in the program can be applied in my future career such as managing projects and initiating green activities.

Environmental issues are some of the great concerns in 21 century. The government, media and business always talk about sustainability, but it is important for us who live in our great planet to develop understanding, love and care towards our environment.

CHAN Kai Yin, John
BSc in Environmental Management and Technology