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20 HKUST UGs and PGs students are selected as the Eco-reps of the Sustainable Campus Leadership Program every year. They will design and undertake hands-on green campus projects to improve the sustainable performance of our campus during the academic year.

Sneha Balasubramanian Year 2, BSc in Environment Management and Technology

I have grown up as the girl who would never waste a single drop of water or electricity, and this passion and strong sense of right and wrong has now translated in to me growing into an extremely environment-conscious and proactive person. Being a part of this program is providing me with the ideal platform to collaborate, innovate and execute with like-minded individuals to create a significant impact on HKUST's carbon footprint and sustainability ventures. I am looking forward to learning, exploring untapped avenues and generating and implementing ideas that are here to stay.

Kim Abigail Ramos Basilio Year 2, BSc in Environmental Management and Technology

Barrack Obama once said "Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the change that we seek." What drives me is the desire to enjoy life and to live like there's no tomorrow. I want to become more of a risk-taker, and I find the thrill in that in the discussion of sustainability. I am drawn to the diversity of issues and solutions that sustainability has to offer, and I would love to be part of the change and the greater picture; the sustainable future.

Aditi Bhasin Year 3, BEng in Chemical and Environmental Engineering

My passion to contribute my bit to protect our Earth made me delve into the field of environment. I wish to offer my best in evaluating the feasibility of environmental technologies and creating a sustainable world. This unique program at HKUST offers an excellent opportunity in this direction. I hope that interaction with experts and like-minded peers during this program will be a great learning process for me and take me a step further towards my aim.

Chan Kai Yin, John Year 2, BSc in Environmental Management and Technology

Environmental issues are some of the great concerns in 21 century. The government, media and business always talk about sustainability, but it is important for us who live in our great planet to develop understanding, love and care towards our environment.

Chan Kam Hung, William Year 3, BBA in Accounting and Finance

When being asked what my interest is, I usually feel quite confused as I enjoy doing many different things. However, as an Eco-Rep for HKUST, I would say planting, as it may be one of the most sustainable leisure activities. Why? Plants make lives sustainable by absorbing light energy from sun and converting it into chemical energy, which is consumed by animals including you and me. Planting requires little input while generating a great deal of benefits to humans, like improving the environment, reducing work pressure and, most importantly, giving us a sustainable hope for flowers or fruits. Try it now!

Chan Kin Ho Year2, BSc in Environmental Science

I am glad to be an Eco-rep this year to promote the sustainable environment of HKUST through applying my knowledge and expressing my enthusiasm. In order to provide a better environment to our next generations, it is important to strike our best to be environmental friendly and participate in promoting environmental protection campaign. That is why I joined Eco-reps and I am glad to be part of them.

Chan Yin Cheung, Eric Year 3, BEng in Industrial Engineering and Logistic Management

With my dream of being an urban planner, sustainability is one of the criteria that I always have to be aware of. Joining as an Eco-rep is a precious chance for me to work on some projects which are not only about green but sustainability as well. Apart from that, I can contribute more for this lovely campus through this program. To make every student enjoy the environment here and cherish what God offers us. I believe we, the Eco-reps, can boost the level of sustainability of HKUST in the coming year!

Cheng Ho Yin, Kelvin Year 3, BSc in Environmental Management and Technology

“If the Earth dies, you die. If you die, the Earth survives.” It is a punchy quote from a movie. It reveals the fact that our lifestyle as a whole is not sustainable. We are living as if there is another planet available already. While I cannot deny the possibility, we have to, at least, be responsible for the generations to come, before we make the fantasy come true. My dream is to make a way where both humans and the Earth survive. Doing sustainability in the HKUST community will be the first step of my thousand miles journey.

Oluwaseun John Dada Year 3, PhD in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Natural resources would continue to be explored and exploited for Enterprises around the world. Having grown so much passion for development issues everywhere on Planet Earth where people will live, I hope the program will help us rediscover the cleanest and greenest way to grow industries that provide solutions for the present world. What are the best strategies against financial, environmental, and technological predators of the future. What alternatives can make people re-think and re-use their love for carcasses of fossil fuels. How well can we respond to smile of sunshine or feel strength of the wind!

Rinaldi Gotama Year 2, BSc in Biological Sciences

Being born and raised in a developing country, I have seen a lot of environmental issues that concerned me, such as air pollution, garbage accumulation, unsustainable lifestyle, and steep social inequality. These things lead to one of my passions, which is the environment. I aspire to be a field biologist, and I enjoy walking in nature, listening to music and eating (lots and lots of) food.

He Ailin Year 2, BBA

Contributing my fair share of effort to make our living environment a better place has always been my sincere hope since I was a youngster. Though I chose to become a business student in my university and may not pursue an environmental major in the future, I have never thought of abandoning this original wish. Then it came to me that a better environment actually requires the combined endeavors of people from all fields alike. It has always been my belief that countless drops of water will finally contribute to the formation of a vast expanse of a blue ocean. And the next drop of water can be you!

Hu Qibang, Ken Year 2, BEng in Chemical Engineering

Hi my dear HKUSTers, I am Ken, one of the Eco-Reps this year. As everyone might perceive that sustainability is only about environmental protection and energy saving, however I would say this is not completely correct! That's why I participate in this sustainable campus leadership program, in order to spread the comprehensive concept of sustainability as well as generate some sustainability projects to reinforce the concept we promote. Sustainability is necessary to build a better world and it's not difficult to achieve. Come on! Smart people appreciate sustainability!

Hamza Khan Year 1, MSc in Civil Infrastructural Engineering and Management

I am a professional Civil Engineer and passionate about green and sustainable design of structures. Hence "sustainability" is something that's quite connected to my profession. I have been an active supporter of environmental conservation and have been a part of various NGOs in this regard. I believe I can fulfill a part of my duties towards nature through this program. In other words, I feel privileged and proud to be an "Eco-Rep" of HKUST. Cheers!!!

Ansh Nasta Year 1, BEng in Engineering

An engineer by brain but an environmentalist at heart
In high school I wrote a 4,000-word essay on Smart Green Buildings as they used technology to preserve the environment and were sustainable. Technological advancements, environmental conservation and sustainability are my areas of passion. Combining them in my essay was the perfect opportunity to go in-depth into both fields. However, the environmentalist in me wasn't restricted to an essay. After being a part of the Nature Club affiliated with the WWF for six years, I led the student-based service group Prakriti, the Hindi word for "nature," in Year 11. We organized beach clean-ups, built wooden shelters for sparrows and initiated the No-Paper-Cup-Day in school in order to make Mumbai a greener place. I hope to replicate my sustainability initiatives as an Eco-Rep at HKUST.

Rina Sakata Year 1, BSc in Science

Hello! I am Rina. I've spent my past two years in Costa Rica, one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world, which made me a lot more conscious of sustainability and environmental protection. Though I love nature, I know that simply loving nature is not going to suddenly make the environment better or our campus more sustainable, thus I joined this program so I can take action and work together with other people who are passionate about the environment. I am hoping to make UST a University of Sustainability and Trees!

Sin Cheuk Yin, Amanda Year 2, BSc in Environmental Management and Technology

Why do I want to be an eco-rep? Well, as you know UST is the University of Stress and Tension. I think it is time to contribute my creative ideas in transforming our school into a funnier and lovable place for both the students, faculties and staff. I hope my small contribution can make a huge change to your life and bring you guy laughter in future :)

Carmen Suen Year 2, Bsc in Environmental Science

I am an art and environmental enthusiast. Apart from environmental conservation activities, I devote myself so much in dancing, painting and musical development. Through combining my passions in environmental protection and artistic talents, I always dream to inspire and encourage more people to participate in green sustainable related activities. Live off your passion today!

Wong Sum Yim, Fiona Year 3, BSc in Environmental Management and Technology

Embracing sustainability is a way for me to appreciate life. It allows me to see more possibilities in the eternity and consistence in everything. It allows me to think of how to treasure things instead of discarding them. These are all why I am so eager to promote sustainability to more people and act as a role model to be an Eco Rep. Let's appreciate our life more by acting sustainably!

Yiu Tak Shing, John Year 3, Dual degree in Engineering and Business Administration

I would like to join the program as Eco-Rep because this enables me to use my ideas, creativity and efforts to help the campus become more environmentally-friendly and more sustainable, which is meaningful not only in reducing the pollution on campus, but also creating a living environment where sustainability is a norm. This will slowly, but certainly change students' and faculties' mindsets over environmental protection, that they will accept this as a norm in daily lives, and in the long term, most students and faculties will embrace environmentally-friendly habits and living environment. This is slow and difficult, and maybe we will not have very significant effects even after this year's Eco-reps program is completed, but we need to start it and pass it on to future students, so that this can accumulate and make impacts. However, our team will still try our best to finish our project and make as much direct impact as possible.

Hans Becker Year 3, BSc in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

I received my BSc in Chemical Engineering from Institute of Technology Bandung, Indonesia and I am now taking a one-year MSc degree program in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering HKUST. I joined the Eco-Reps program because I am very passionate about the issue of sustainability, especially in the aspects of the environment and energy. In the past, I have organised an alternative energy seminar and Southeast Asia energy poster competition. In my spare time, I like reading books and blog articles. I also like to play casual computer games.

Chan Ying Kwan, Jaymes Year 2, BBA

Passion about contributing to the community drove me to teach the local underprivileged teenagers and serve in a social enterprise last year. This year, I am proud to be one of the Eco-Reps to help make our campus more sustainable. Sustainability means more than being green as we are learning more from the program. My team is working on building a garden to revitalize the outdoor area and nurture USTers' green awareness at the same time. We will tell you what sustainability means by actions!

Cheng Oi Shan, Yutie Year 2, BSc in Environmental Management and Technology

I have a good habit of recycling and reusing things to reduce pollution as much as I can. Individual action is far from enough, however, to save our planet. As an Eco-Rep, I hope not to only gain hands-on experience in organizing green events but also raise environmental awareness of UST community. In this semester, my teammates and I will work on a food waste project. Do come to support us and create a sustainable environment for UST together!

Ayushmaan Datta Year 1, BBA

I have been interested in sustainability and the need to protect our environment since high school. Joining this program is the perfect opportunity to make a difference. Through hands-on involvement, mentoring from experts in the field and listening to guest lecturers, I hope to contribute in a small but significant manner to make our HKUST campus a more sustainable one.

Monica Delucia Year 2, BSc in Environmental Management and Technology

I generally enjoy all the wonderful things that life has to offer. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories or even getting random advice from strangers that I encounter during my travels. You heard it, I love to travel! From travelling, the excitement about nature has grown to the feeling of responsibility for our environment. Therefore, I am really glad to be part of Sustainable Campus Leadership Program and hoping to improve the sustainable performance of HKUST Campus as well as bring benefit to nature.

He Kaohong, Stacy Year 2, BSc in Environmental Management and Technology

I have just returned from my winter study trip to Japan, and was inspired a lot by the environmental consciousness and culture concerning environment protection the Japanese has! I hope to make the best use of the knowledge and experiences I have gained to effectively accomplish the "Paper-less UST" project and get more people's efforts to build a more sustainable campus!

Ho Yin Wing, Christy Year 2, BSc in Biology

I'm very happy to be part of this team. I believe that human and nature are in a close relationship that we will be influenced a lot if our nature is destroyed. We therefore have to protect it and make a balance as we are extracting resources from it for our development. Don't be selfish and enjoy the beauty of nature! Even your tiny effort can attribute a lot on the environment! Welcome to the sustainability family :)

Jiang Lei, Alex Year 4, Ph.D. in Biochemistry

I hope to contribute my expertise and knowledge in the Bio-field to change our campus into a sustainable environment.

Kwok Tsz Yan, Ellen Year 2, MPhil in Physics

I am a person who wants to do something for her future children, the next generation and the earth. I feel thankful to the nature and I am amazed by how complex and sophisticated it is. I believe humanity is a part of nature and we should not spoil it. Fun fact, I like labrador retrievers!

Lam Sing Yeung, Sunny Year 3, BSc in Environmental Management and Technology

IAs a student studying in environmental program at HKUST, I hope to facilitate the betterment of this campus in my last year of UG studies, especially in the environmental aspect. In fact, sustainability issues can be found in our everyday life. I hope to practice the concepts learnt to a real setting, and this program offers me a platform to do so. I believe these experiences allow me to investigate how sustainability is being achieved in multiple perspectives and facilitate my motivation for engaging in conservation work in HK afterwards.

Lau Ka Ching, Sharon Year 1, BSc

Being fascinated by the environment, I aspire to contribute to environmental sustainability. I believe it is of paramount importance to consume our resources sustainably and sustainability should be the key principle to any development. As one of the Eco-reps, I am passionate about building a sustainable HKUST community and promoting a green lifestyle. I hope that everyone can join hands and make an effort to better our own living environment, as the life of Mother Earth counts on us, everybody!

Ng Cheuk Wing, Charmaine Year 2, BBA in Marketing and Information System

I remember when I was young, I used to want to be a scientist and save the world. But as I grew older, this childhood "dream" of mind got lost in the realities of life– the studying, the need for a stable career, etcetera. Now, I have finally been given the opportunity to work towards this childhood dream, albeit it being on a much, much, much smaller scale of course. Though my efforts through this program will be more local, I hope that the message it brings will spread throughout our community, such as readers like you, and hopefully create a positive ripple effect!

Byeongkeun Song Year 2, BSc in Chemistry

Before participating in this HKUST sustainability program, I have been active in environmental projects since my high school. I'm currently a Live Green LLC member in Hall 6 and 2013 cohort of Hang Seng Bank-Green Ambassador. So far, I have been enjoying this program and my current concern is about recycling food waste on campus. As for my personal life, I spend my free time listening to rock/electronic music, reading politics blogs, and looking up any unknown Chinese characters I may have encountered. That's right, I'm learning mandarin and I hope I'll be up to conversational level by the time I graduate!

Wong Chun, Arthur Year 2, BBA in Accounting and Finance

In old days, many youngsters admired the gentleman who has taken a step for mankind or another gentleman who spoke of his dream of equality. I used to be one of those, imagining to have accomplished many things one day. Now, I devote to realize one. My humble wish is to help create a more sustainable campus so that I may enjoy the same magnificent scenery here when I retire 40 years later. This is the reason why I join the Eco-reps, where I can get my hands on a practical project and leave my mark in my alma mater.

Wu Lap Pong, Derek Year 1, BSc

Hello! I'm Derek from the school of science, year 1. For those who don't know me, I may look like the serious one; for those who do know me, I may be the humorous one; but for those who know me long enough, I may be the craziest one. Exhilarating and adrenaline-rushing adventures are of no doubt my favourite. Travelling to exotic places and taking cool pictures are also what I love. Environmental threats are imminent to us and I believe acting sustainably is the major trend to the world. Let's make the world a better place together!

Yau Hei Kit, Gary Year 2, BEng in Chemical Engineering

Hey there! I am Gary and I am not aiming at saving the world as one of the eco-reps. However, I hope to teach, inspire and encourage more people to participate in sustainability. Of course, self-learning would be one of my significant goals, and I am really grateful and appreciate all the fellow enthusiasts I have met in the eco-rep program.

I am pretty selfish to join mainly for my own personal reasons, right? Okay, then please tell me face-to-face and I would share more with you. And finally, if you need any help in your work (related to sustainability or other any work), feel free to contact me. I'm serious! Hope to see you!

Zhang Jiabei, Bella Year 2, BEng in Chemical & Bioproduct Engineering

As a student coming from Urumqi, Xinjiang, where the atmosphere is very much polluted because of the heating system often used during winter, I have a deep understanding of the importance of sustainable and healthy environment. Majoring in Chemical engineering, I would like to devote myself to environmental protection by applying my related knowledge.

In the Sustainable Campus Leadership Program, I am glad to see that I have the opportunity to promote the continual improvement of the environmental performance of HKUST campus. As a postgraduate, I hope that my experience in the program can be applied in my future career such as managing projects and initiating green activities.

XUE Siwei
MSc Environmental Science and Management