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20 HKUST UGs and PGs students are selected as the Eco-reps of the Sustainable Campus Leadership Program every year. They will design and undertake hands-on green campus projects to improve the sustainable performance of our campus during the academic year.

Sophia Basaratti Year 3, Exchange Student, School of Engineering

I am an exchange student from University College London and I am passionate about making a difference in the world we live in, whether that’s through leading a more sustainable life though recycling or utilising resources that are currently available. I am really looking forward to being a part of the Eco Reps team here at HKUST and believe this programme will be filled with exciting new projects that will have a positive impact on the students. I believe this programme, will create awareness of sustainability issues in a fun and interesting way, and where current student will be able to visually see and enjoy the improvements.

Cheung Chun Wai Year 1, BSc in International Research Enrichment

As a science student, I learn how the nature works. The nature is like a delicate machine, with everything inside works with each other and achieve a dynamic balance. It is so important for us to protect the environment, as we are also a part of the nature. If the natural environment is damaged, we suffer. For example, global warming is such a severe problem that its influences affect the globe. We must take actions now. I hope our eco-reps’ projects will raise HKUST students’ awareness to conserve the environment. I hope they will understand every action matters, and hence adopt a more eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle, even after graduating from HKUST.

Chui Yin Tung Chimney Year 2, BSc in Biotechnology and Business

I am interested in various kinds of activities adding spices to my university life, ranging from doing research, participating in study tours to joining programs on campus. After studying in HKUST for over a year, I found that a lot can be done on campus to make our school greener and warmer. Being a HKUST member, I feel like I have the responsibility to do something for our school. Therefore, I decided to be one of the Eco-reps members, and be responsible for a sustainable project implementing on campus. I hope that not only new friends can be met and leadership skills can be enhanced, but more importantly, I can contribute to build a more sustainable and harmonic environment for every HKUST member.

Joyce Feng Year 1, BBA

Businesses have a large influence of our planet’s future, and I wanted to instil the importance of sustainability in my mind as early on as possible. I was unsure of the way I could contribute at first (as a business student with minimal environmental technology knowledge), but the truth is that there are a multitude of ways anyone can help, regardless of skill and background. In my four years here I hope I’ll witness HKUST build a greener future, and I’m taking my first step towards that goal by joining this program.

Yatin Gupta Year 2, BBA

My passion for sustainability dates back to the time when I first participated in my high school’s model united nations conference in 2013, with the agenda being CO2 emissions and its effect on climate change. That conference gave me a new perspective on sustainability and introduced me to the challenges being faced by various organizations working in this area. Having attended numerous conferences on similar agendas subsequently, I strongly feel attached to this issue and believe that it is each and everyone’s responsibility to contribute their part towards making the world a better place. I hope to do a part of my share with the Eco-Reps!

Subin Ha Year 2, BSc in Environmental Management and Technology

What do you feel when you look at the clear sky or the blue sea? How about when you breathe in fresh air in the mountains? I feel so relaxed and comfortable, and I think many of you feel the same way. I really enjoy the beauty of nature and hope that future generations will be able to enjoy it as well, so I want to protect and preserve our environment. As a student majoring in EVMT, I’m eager to make the Earth greener. I’m glad to take a big step towards my dream by becoming an Eco-Rep and building a sustainable campus with other like-minded friends. Let’s work together to create a more sustainable world – for ourselves, for our future generations, and for our beautiful Earth!

Hong Wee Ni Winnie Year 1, MPhil in IELM

I chose to study Chemical and Environmental Engineering for my bachelor’s degree thinking that I will work in the petroleum industry that can make me a lot of money one day. However, what I really learned from my UG years was how hard the engineers are trying to improve efficiencies to keep things running. Living in a throwaway society, it was the realization of the limitations of natural resources that made sustainability come into sight. Being an Eco-rep, I wish to promote awareness on sustainability and at the same time improve the campus experience at HKUST.

Shlok Jain Year 2, BEng

I believe everything on earth can be accomplished by due diligence and grit. Smarts will only take you so far, and projects involving recovery of the basest of human relationships, i.e., the one we share with the earth, need grit and diligence. In the Eco-Reps program, I’m glad to be able to contribute towards mending this relationship and nurturing it, which is coupled with both smart application of simple knowledge and a team determined to create a more environmentally stable atmosphere on campus. I believe that the results of our project would be largely beneficial for society as tilt the carbon economy in our favour in the long run.

Ishita Kumar Year 1, BEng

I’ve always wanted to make a difference in the world, big or small, however, I didn’t know how. Living in India, you see environmental problems everywhere but it’s hard to resolve all of them when you’re just one high school student. When I came to HKUST and found Eco-Reps, I was able to become part of a team where everyone had the same passion as I did. I believe that in this program we will not just discuss solutions to sustainability issues in HKUST, but will also implement them. I hope that I can take back what I learned from Eco-Reps to my own community and make my home greener.

Kwong Mei Shan Year 2, BSc

Recently, many environmental issues have emerged worldwide such as reducing the capacity of landfills rapidly, tons of unsustainable plastic bottles and bags being produced, the alarm of global warming with an extreme weather. Being an educated university student and a member of Eco-Reps, I think it is the time for me to step out of my comfort zone to speak out about the importance of protecting the environment, raise the awareness of sustainable development in the society and take the initiative to educate people how to relieve the serious environmental problem. As a global citizen, I should be responsible to protect the environment with an action. Luckily, I can run a sustainable project which is conducted in the HKUST Sustainable Campus Leadership Program this year. Our project is to reuse, redesign and reconstruct the empty space in the campus. Utilizing the space with “green” facilities can prevent the waste of resources, this is one of the purposes of sustainability. I believe that if the project is operated effectively and successfully in our campus, it can be carried out in diverse countries and will bring the advantages to the environment and the next generation sustainably. Let’s be one of the eco-members to create a sustainable world!

Li Peixi Year 2, BSc in Economics and Finance

Passionate, full of energy and creative. Being curious about everything unknown and possessing a strong self-learning ability. Hoping the world we live in be a better place which I am passion for the sustainability. I want our recycling bottle program to reduce the environmental burden.

Sonia Mahtani Year 2, BBA

"If you really think the environment is less important than the economy, try holding your breath while you count your money" is one of my favourite quotes, despite being a Business student. My passion for the environment stems from middle school Geography where I found the more that I learnt, the more I wanted to learn. The Earth is our home and it is our duty to protect it before it is too late because at the rate we are going, we are not only ruining it for ourselves but also for the millions of animal and insect lives that live naturally and share this planet with us.

Sophia Ng Year 2, BBA

There is nothing more inspiring than challenging yourself every day alongside with people with the same goal and vision as you do. Having grown up in Hong Kong, I have come to realize the importance and urgency to act for our surroundings: I was spoiled to grow up amongst the nature as it shrinks day by day in this concrete jungle. Yet, this has inspired me more to be a game-changer who could contribute something to sustainability. “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it,” – a person can merely do anything to the world, but I see the Eco-Rep project as a perfect opportunity to bind everybody together for a better future in sustainability.

Jong Seok Park MSc in Big Data Technology

I am an international student from Korea. I was always interested in the sustainability, especially in renewable energy. It is very interesting to see how the sustainability is related to all aspects of our lives. When I heard about the Sustainable Campus Leadership Program, I wanted to be part of it to make new friends and learn more about the sustainability; and the program turned to be one of the most memorable moment in my stay in Hong Kong. Along with 4 other great friends, I am working on building an Aquaponics system in our campus.

Soomin Park Year 1, BSc in Environmental Management and Technology

I used to live in Jeju-do, an island oasis famed for its emerald mountains and aquamarine waters. When I moved to Shanghai, one of the most populous yet modernized cities in the world, I could see the environmental and economic disparities across communities in Shanghai behind its splendid modernization and development. Those realization leaded me to build up my passion to sustainable development, where economic growth and environmental conservation can stand together, not against each other. Harmony between highly developed urban life and nature side-by-side makes Hong Kong remarkable. I want to take my first step to foster sustainability in such fascinating environment, in such beautiful campus of HKUST.

Po Siu Ming Eric Year 2, BBA

Living in a wasteful city where people throw away 3600 tons of food into the landfill every year, where people are too lazy to recycle their plastic bottles and papers, where people’s eyes are covered by consumerism so they don’t see the planet dying, I become increasingly concerned about the topic of sustainability. I believe that humans are always a part of nature and they are closely associated. And I think it’s time for people to be awake to the damages they have done to the environment and rectify the mistakes for the sake of our planet environment and also next generations.

Gabriel Tam Year 1, BBA

During the high school, I was taking both Geography and Environmental Science. I am deeply engaged with the activities related to protecting the environment, especially this is one of the UWC values I have been taught in my high school. This has prompted me to join the HKUST Eco-Rep when I first arrived at the school. People nowadays are lack of the mindset of caring the environment. Indeed, in the 21st century, the concept of “sustainability” is getting more popular due to the depletion of the resources. Through being the Eco-Rep, and to work on projects, I wish to raise the awareness towards the concept of “sustainability” around the campus.

Xie Wei Hao Kenny Year 1, BBA

Because of family reason, I have a lot of chances to come back to Mainland China. Even though China is experiencing a strong economic growth, it sacrifices its environment as the price for it, which can be observed by all the trash dumped behind different kind of factories or restaurants. As a Hong Kong citizen, the last thing I want to see is the Hong Kong environment is as bad as that in China. So, even as a business student, I decided to join this program and want to start making a difference in HKUST and expend the idea of sustainability to the whole territory of Hong Kong. I wish that the project our group take up can really raise the awareness of UST students and staff the idea of sustainability and help make a more sustainable campus.

Ye Hao Tian Harry Year 4, BEng in Computer Science

I am a curious thinker who have a thirst for knowledge and wisdom. Sustainability is a critical issue because from agriculture to industrial revolution, it took 200,000 years for human population to reach 1 billion and only 200 years to reach 7 billion. Resources are used up quickly and I care about our next generations’ well-being. Everything is interconnected, nothing is self-sufficient. The air we breathe, the fresh water we drink, the energy we use, are all from nature. We, humans, as part of nature, have the responsibility to sustain the fragile connection links among all the beings in the nature. To improve we must work together and inspire others to join the sustainability campaign. The program hopefully helps me learn and grow.

Wong Ka Kwan Jessica Year 1, BSc Environmental Management and Technology

Hello guys! My name is Jessica and I am a freshman studying EVMT. I have always been a keen lover of mother nature. I love how our nature is all about diversity, vibrancy and continuity by following its unique sets of natural rules. While our world is bombarded with various natural and man-made disasters these days, I believe that we can still have a shot if we have the courage and will to modify our daily living habits to foster a better living environment for our future generations. My trip to New Zealand this summer has inspired me become a vegetarian, out of the love for the innocent farmed animals. Not only does cutting meat consumption give me a healthier body, it also comes with a bonus – reduce my carbon footprint. Noticing such awesome benefits of a vegetarian diet, I have been spreading this message to people around me in the hope that someday, more and more people will join me in living greener to help protect and sustain our beautiful planet!

Plants make lives sustainable by absorbing light energy from sun and converting it into chemical energy, which is consumed by animals including you and me. Planting requires little input while generating a great deal of benefits to humans, like improving the environment, reducing work pressure and giving us a sustainable hope for flowers or fruits. Try it now!

CHAN Kam Hung, William
BBA in Accounting and Finance